Reina Victoria Penthouse, Barcelona / The Room Studio

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio
Armchair of Minotti, armchair lamp of Vibia, shelves lamp of Brokis, center table of Molteni&Co, rug of Dac Rugs, sofa of Property, textiles of La Maison, tray of Ethnicraft, art works at Victor Lope’s Gallery, complements in The Room Studio. Reina Victoria Penthouse

Project: Reina Victoria Penthouse
Interior Design and Decoration: The Room Studio  / Meritxell Ribé & Josep Puigdomènech
Construction: The Room Work
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Area: 450 m2
Year 2020
Photographs: Mauricio Fuertes
Text and photos: Courtesy of The Room Studio

Distinction and subtlety take place in this housing project where one of the main objectives was to obtain updated and renovated spaces.
In this 450 m2 penthouse distributed on two floors with exterior terraces and located in the upper area of Barcelona, a comprehensive interior design, decoration and styling reform was carried out. Open, functional and updated areas were obtained in this house that lacked personality and character.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio
Shelves made by measure by The Room Studio, art works in Victor Lope’s Gallery, armchair of Minotti, armchair lamp of Vibia, shelves lamp of Brokis, center table of Molteni&Co.

Project Reina Victoria Penthouse
The main premise of its owners was to obtain great quality rooms and the creation of a new distribution of housing that catered to their needs. Therefore, all the spaces were redistributed again, restoring all the areas and giving back their essence and soul. Homogeneous and wide areas were obtained, where natural light is one of the main protagonists. A style was chosen where contemporary elements are combined with fresh colors. An arrangement was made in the spacious hall and distributor of the house where the sculptural staircase is located, which was designed and made to measure. It was completed with a technical and decorative lighting project, obtaining different environments throughout the entire building controlled through a fully integrated home automation system.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio

The day area was located on the facade with more natural light to enjoy more hours of sunshine. All areas are connected so that the dialogue between them is not broken and away from their compartmentalization. On the one hand, we find the living room area where the fireplace is the center of the space and, on the other, the dining room where you can enjoy meetings with friends and family; both differ due to the use of different different textiles in a harmonic way. The terrace is presented as an extension of it, so that interior and exterior become the same area.
The aim was to obtain a large custom-made kitchen where the whole family could be together without losing sight of the outside. For this reason, an iron glazed area was designed for the breakfast area next to the large island and the small dining room where you can make more informal meetings. A specific space was allocated for the location of the office, conceived as a very intimate place, near the staircase that provides natural lighting to the home.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio
View of dining room. Dining table and chairs of Artisan, wall lamps of Delta Light, wardrobe of Potocco, wardrobe lamp of Brokis, suspended lamp of Poltrona Frau, complements in The Room Studio

In the night area, the suite rooms were designed using a contemporary and informal style. The warmth they give off with the use of different textiles and shades creates a very personal, comfortable and bright environment. Different works of art scattered around the house were included and structures with personalities and who take center stage in the house were used. The aim was to give it an elegant air that breaks with fabrics and colors that are fresher.
All the bedrooms have access to the different exterior terraces, where a great variety of vegetation was installed creating a small oasis.

dining room / The Room Studio

Used Materials
In terms of materials, The Room Studio opted for the main use of natural woods, different types of marble, brass and iron, as well as comfortable textiles with subtle colors. The aim was to endow the house with the nobility and sobriety for which it is characterized, combining it with timelessness in the different environments and creating lighting scenes in every corner.

Terrace and exterior dining room / The Room Studio
Terrace and exterior dining room.

As a whole, a range of neutral and simple shades are used throughout the Reina Victoria Penthouse. These colors are prolonged in the materials used, choosing ceramic pieces for the design of the bathrooms, combining them with wooden paneling. The timelessness and continuity in time of the elements introduced are sought.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio

The general lines used are clean and continuous, avoiding irregularities and seeking their purity. In addition, soft textile papers are used in different parts of the Reina Victoria Penthouse. These are combined with very balanced colors and always forming part of the same color palette, without eccentricities.

terrace center table / The Room Studio
Wall lamps of Modular lighting, exterior furniture of Gloster, center table of Roda, floor lamp of Bover, floor lamp of B.lux, sillas and dining table of Expormim, suspended lamp of Marset, complements in The Room Studio.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio

kitchen / The Room Studio
View of kitchen. Suspended lamp of Parachilna, table lamp of Flos, dining table and chair of Novamobili, stools of Alki, table lamp of Carpyen, complements in The Room Studio.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio

staircase / The Room Studio

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio
Suspended lamp of Santa&Cole; artwork by Sol Fàbrega; table, table lamp and complements in The Room Studio; chair of Expormim; sculpture in Victor Lope’s Gallery, rugs of BSB Alfombras.

bedroom / The Room Studio
Bed of Luxson, bedside table of Novamobili, suspended lamp of Menu, fan of Faro, rug of Wood Notes, armchair of Property, textiles of La Maison

Guest bathroom / The Room Studio
Wall lamp of DCW Editions, jar of Menu and complements in TRS.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio
Bed of Gervasoni, bedside table and cabinet of Novamobili, lamp of Fontana Arte, rug of BSB, complements in The Room Studio, artwork in Victor Lope’s Gallery.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio
Bed of Novamobili, rug of Nanimarquina, bedside table of Ethnicraft, suspended lamp of Santa&Cole, armchair of Sika Design, textiles of La Maison and Materia.

Reina Victoria Penthouse / The Room Studio
Beds by Luxson, white lamp of Foscarini, little lamp of Marset, textiles of Materia and complements in The Room Studio.

bathroom / The Room Studio

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