Belle Meade Residence / SDH Studio Architecture + Design

Belle Meade Residence / SDH Studio Architecture + Design
Belle Meade Residence

Project: Belle Meade Residence
Architecture: SDH Studio Architecture + Design
Team Project: Stephanie Halfen, Cristina Magdaleno, Louis Fuentes, Angiebeth Avendano
Structural Engineer: Rochell Engineering
Landscape Architect: Chris Eaves
General Contractor: TREO Construction
Location: Miami, Florida, United States
Area: 7254 ft2
Year: 2021
Photo Credits: Kris Tamburello
Text by SDH Studio

This warm, elegant home is located on a deep and relatively narrow lot in Miami, which created an opportunity to develop a series of open courtyards through which nature’s beauty could be appreciated from every focal point, while also creating a sense of privacy and tranquility for the family.

Belle Meade Residence / SDH Studio Architecture + Design

There is a strong visual connection to nature throughout the home which starts before visitors cross the threshold as they float above water through the first courtyard and into a beautiful height and a half space. Reflecting the abode’s abundant light, metallic accents shimmer throughout this space, especially in bold chandeliers that take advantage of the high ceilings.


As avid design aficionados, the owners wanted our team to curate pieces in harmony with the home’s natural framework. They favored furnishings and decor with clean silhouettes attuned to the streamlined architecture: the gently curved sofas, rounded tables, and area rugs with angular patterns. Soft, neutral browns and creams paired with wood grain and deeply veined stone attest to the tropical modern architecture. Additional saturated hues come courtesy of their art collection, including a painting in the office by iconic Miami artist Purvis Young.

living room

Each space is a unique work of art, with a pop that gives it the quality of a gallery, perfectly balancing earthy shades with the lush green foliage that pours in through expansive windows. Corridors leading to both the private and service areas bring further meditative opportunities to enjoy nature expressed in the four courtyards as you transition between spaces.

dining room

Inspired by a refined elegance where embellishments are tempered by natural elements and relaxed comfort, this home feels effortlessly yet undeniably chic.

“It is complicated to start a project to build your dream home. The architecture firm is crucial as they are the ones that make it happen in a timely fashion. It has been refreshing to work with a firm that says what they will do and do what they say. A firm that actually responds to emails, listens to your comments, and takes them into consideration. It is also refreshing to work with a firm that makes it feel effortless for you because they are on top of things. These are the reasons why I recommend SDH Studio. I would also add that the whole team are dedicated, friendly, and know what they are doing.” Nicolas


Belle Meade Residence / SDH Studio Architecture + Design



Belle Meade Residence / SDH Studio Architecture + Design


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