Residential ArchitectureSmall apartmentsBlackMetal Apartment in Taipei / KC Design Studio

BlackMetal Apartment in Taipei / KC Design Studio

BlackMetal Apartment / KC Design Studio

Project: BlackMetal Apartment
Architects: KC Design Studio
Project Leader: Chun-ta, Tsao Kuan-huan, Liu
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Project Area: 40 sqm
Project Year: 2018
Photographer: Hey! Cheese photography

It is true that humans have the greatest adaptation because we can get used to all kinds of space. However, after we are acquainted to the owner, it is an issue to consider how we provide the corresponding functions and also consider aesthetics in the face of the diverse lifestyles. When he was talking to us about his likings and needs in life, in such a great number that we can’t count on the fingers, we thought the 14-ping space was not enough.

kitchen / KC Design Studio

In the operation of the space, first we have to analyze the diverse actions. KC Studio propose homogeneity, time, and height. The examples of homogeneity include the kitchen and the dining table, which are with the consistent functions. Time means the conscious use of the field, such as watching TV, dining, and chatting. Although sleeping is a long-time behavior, it is unconscious. Height is an interesting finding. For example, we lie down when sleeping. We sit down when working and reading. We stand when we pass the main flow. Depending on this concept, we place the lifestyle into the space. The staggered positions can be defined and at the same time the basis is formed.

BlackMetal Apartment / KC Design Studio

This does not make enough space, though. So we propose the variable uses. In fact, this concept is to unify the complex functions, which can be used uniquely when needed. We combine the open kitchen with the turning dining table. Besides providing the broad field, both of them can be used when necessary. The wall on the other side is also designed with the function of mobile storage to meet the owner’s temporary usage needs.

dining room / KC Design Studio

BlackMetal Apartment / KC Design Studio

home office / KC Design Studio

home office / KC Design Studio

BlackMetal Apartment KC Design Studio

BlackMetal Apartment KC Design Studio

BlackMetal Apartment KC Design Studio

bedroom, KC Design Studio

BlackMetal Apartment KC Design Studio

wardrobe / KC Design Studio


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