Cabin Geilo / Lund Hagem

Cabin Geilo

Cabin Geilo is a Norwegian traditional retreat designed by Lund Hagem, an architecture and urban design practice based in Oslo, Norway.

Situated at 982 meters above sea level, this cabin has harsh winter conditions and heavy snowfall. The site has a panoramic view overlooking the valley of Geilo. During winter the cabin is only accessible with ski or snowmobile.

Cabin Geilo 1

The cabin consists of three volumes; the main cabin, guest house and carport connected under a u-shaped pitched roof creating a sheltered inner courtyard. This south-facing courtyard allows the low winter sun to enter during the day. The outer geometry is formed by the important views and the adaption to the landscape. The cabin is placed as low as possible in the landscape and during winter is almost covered in snow.

Cabin Geilo 2

The facades facing the terrain are made of concrete. The rest of the cabin is a wood construction, painted black as the traditional buildings in the area. The concrete formwork is made out of the same dimensions as the timber cladding. The concrete is tinted black.

Cabin Geilo 3

The materials inside are black concrete floors and oak treated with iron sulphate. The dark tone allows the nature outside to come closer and a darkness that contrasts the white winter landscape. A long single frame skylight placed at the top of the roof and a fireplace hanging from the roof are other sources of light.

Architects: Lund Hagem
Project: Cabin Geilo
Size: 150 sqm
Location: Geilo, Norway
Photography: Archmospheres. com / Marc Godwin

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