Residential ArchitectureRenovation ProjectsCasa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes

Architects: CAVAA Arquitectes
Project: Casa Laia
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year 2016
Photographs: Filippo Poli

The project was born from the idea to link the different spaces of the house by means of a unifying element. This concept was materialized employing a suspended ceiling that communicated both ends of the apartment and overlaid the existing elements and the new intervention.

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 1

The apartment, slightly under fifty square meters, was originally subdivided into smaller rooms that configured a poorly lighted and ventilated space. The rooms were originally organized by a wide corridor that allowed both segregated and combined domestic activities.

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 3

In order to maintain the concept of the project that both understood the house as a sequence of rooms and a continuous space, the intervention minimized the use of partition walls and rather opted for a separation using with furniture, flooring textures and, sliding doors. Within this sequence of rooms the project enhanced a dual reading: on one hand a unitary level represented by the suspended ceiling, on the other, a segregated one by means of different flooring textures that subdivide the space.

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 10

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 3

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 5

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 5

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 7

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 7

Casa Laia by CAVAA Arquitectes 9

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