Casa Rebelo, Portugal / Ren Ito Arquiteto

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Casa Rebelo / Ren Ito Arquiteto

Project: Casa Rebelo
Architects: Ren Ito Arquiteto
Location: Maia, Portugal
Year: 2018
Photo credits: Ivo Tavares Studio

Casa Rebelo is a remodelation project completed by Ren Ito Arquiteto. The original apartment was divided by solid walls and each space was dark and there were no visual connections.

Casa Rebelo / Ren Ito Arquiteto

The walls between each space were removed, except the structural wall, and divided by glass walls and doors. It created the visual connections between each space to feel the other member of family. Though the same design language was used for furniture, walls and doors, proper details, illuminations and materials were used for each elements. It makes the design more human and accessible. An illumination that projects light for the ceiling and the table was installed above the dining table. We also equipped other rotatable indirect illumination to illuminate the necessary space for a large living space where a variable usage could happen.

Casa Rebelo / Ren Ito Arquiteto

dining room / Ren Ito Arquiteto

kitchen / Ren Ito Arquiteto

kitchen / Ren Ito Arquiteto

Casa Rebelo / Ren Ito Arquiteto

kitchen / Ren Ito Arquiteto

Casa Rebelo / Ren Ito Arquiteto

living room / Ren Ito Arquiteto

home office / Ren Ito Arquiteto

Casa Rebelo / Ren Ito Arquiteto

Casa Rebelo / Ren Ito Arquiteto

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