Residential ArchitectureHousesClinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

Clinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

Clinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

Project: Clinton Corners Residence
Architects: Lake Flato Architects
Project Team: Ted Flato, FAIA; Bill Aylor, AIA; Evan Morris, LEED AP BD+C; Joshua Leger
Interior Designer: Neal Thomas of Emily Summers Design Associates
Contractor: Ingrained Wood Working
Location: Hudson Valley, New York
Photo credits: Chris Cooper

A short drive from New York City, the Clinton Corners residence is nestled discreetly on a sylvan lot in the Hudson Valley. The house was envisioned as both a family retreat for weekends away from the city and a gathering space for special occasions.

Clinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

Distinct structures for family, guests and entertaining are sited to take advantage of the adjacent lake and surrounding woods. Conceived as a series of barns, the house remains intimate for family visits while separate structures create generous spaces for larger gatherings.

Clinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

Central to the success of the project, the simple building shapes leverage prefabricated panelized construction to streamline design and integrate fast track construction. Fabricated in a nearby facility, the exposed heavy timber frame and super insulated wall panels were delivered to the site and assembled in less than three weeks. The off-site fabrication made possible an aggressive eight-month overall construction schedule in the middle of the New York winter.

Clinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

The precision of the pre-fabricated components also provided a high-performance building envelope resulting in greater energy performance and precise control over indoor air quality.

Clinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

dining room / Lake Flato Architects

Clinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

stair case / Lake Flato Architects

bedroom / Lake Flato Architects

weekend retreat / Lake Flato Architects

Clinton Corners Residence / Lake Flato Architects

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