Contemporary Waterfront Cottage Inspired by Old Chilean Country Barn

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Contemporary Waterfront Cottage Inspired by Old Chilean Country Barn

Architects: Apio Arquitectos
Project: Contemporary Waterfront Cottage
Location: Lake Calafquen, Los Ríos Region, Chile
Photography: Marcela Melej

This contemporary waterfront cottage is located in the south side of Calafquen lake, in the lake region of the south of Chile where the landscape consists in a low ridge and docile relief where the elements appear like isolated modules in a continuous ground. We cite as an inspiration one old local typology: the wood country barn that is part of the south of Chile scenery identity.

Contemporary Waterfront Cottage Inspired by Old Chilean Country Barn 1

A simple and neutral module that doesn´t modify the landscape. As a storage container it has the vocation to generate great interior space. Its exterior continued coat –covering and wall- offers a efficient shelter in a simple way.Taking this typology as a reference, we understood that the reinterpretation of this barn space could harbor de different scenes of the program.The access axis separates two áreas of the house and communicates with the lake path. The kids rooms program settles on a partial second floor, leaving the living and dinning room in double height.A solemn interior space achieved through the exclusive use of wood construction system, related to its environment through directed views to the xx volcano and its surroundings.
For issues of maintenance and efficiency, the PIT (Cintac) metal cover was chosen, which contrasts with the laminated pine beams and the interior paneling.

Contemporary Waterfront Cottage Inspired by Old Chilean Country Barn 2

Contemporary Waterfront Cottage Inspired by Old Chilean Country Barn 3

Contemporary Waterfront Cottage Inspired by Old Chilean Country Barn 4

Contemporary Waterfront Cottage Inspired by Old Chilean Country Barn 5

Contemporary Waterfront Cottage Inspired by Old Chilean Country Barn 6

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