This Patagonian Retreat Has Idyllic Views of Lake Todos los Santos

Patagonian Retreat

Project: Casa LTS / Patagonian Retreat
Architects: Apio Arquitectos
Location: Lago Todos Los Santos, X Región, Chile
Area: 120 sqm
Photography: Alejandra Valenzuela

This Patagonian retreat is located in the south shore of the Todos los Santos Lake in southern Chile, surrounded by native forests and several volcanoes. Apio Arquitectos have designed this house for a Chilean couple with three children.

The design considered the challenge of building on a 70- degree slope on a lot, which it is accessible only by boat. Additionally, the shore and area of construction was extremely rocky with only 1.50 meters of soft, buildable soil.

Patagonian Retreat 1

Furthermore, the construction had to consider the most minimal impact possible to the forest and natural environment where the project would be located.

Patagonian Retreat 2

The site required that the construction have a system of metal beams and columns for the base of the house that allowed for as few points of supports in the ground as possible to reduce the need of excavation for the foundations.

Patagonian Retreat 3

Above the metal base, the architect’s design implemented lightweight materials with wood beams in the walls and roofing, coated with metal sheets to endure the extreme climactic conditions without disrupting the consistency of the home’s appearance.

Patagonian Retreat 4

This construction technique allowed the architects to build a stunning home, with a panoramic view of the lake and the surrounding volcanoes.

Patagonian Retreat 5

Patagonian Retreat 6

Patagonian Retreat 8

Patagonian Retreat 9

Patagonian Retreat 10

Patagonian Retreat 11

Patagonian Retreat 12

Patagonian Retreat 7

Patagonian Retreat 12

Patagonian Retreat 13

Patagonian Retreat 14

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