Residential ArchitectureHousesCool Shed, Ahmedabad / Vaissnavi Shukl

Cool Shed, Ahmedabad / Vaissnavi Shukl

Cool Shed, Ahmedabad/ Vaissnavi Shukl

Project name: Cool Shed
Architecture and Interior Design: Vaissnavi Shukl
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Building Area: 140 m²
Year: 2022
Photo credits: Inclined Studio

In the corner of a large farmland located in close proximity to the Thol bird sanctuary in Gujarat, Cool Shed was initially supposed to be a security cabin with a store room. The project name is therefore a wordplay on the familiar building typology of a tool shed, wherein a simple structure is built to store machines and equipment for farming and automobile repairing. It was then rethought as service quarters before finally being designed and built as an outhouse for weekend getaways.

Cool Shed, Ahmedabad/ Vaissnavi Shukl

Cool Shed, Ahmedabad/ Vaissnavi Shukl

Considering the carefully cultivated vegetation that attracts birds to the site, our intention was to create intimate spaces with views of the lake, the garden, and the plantations – all whilst occupying a minimal footprint on the ground. The long slit windows, pergolas, and clerestories draw in natural light whereas the exposed RCC brise-soleil interrupts the glare of the harsh west sun. Cool Shed is built as a load-bearing structure with exposed RCC and brick masonry whose textures complement their immediate surroundings.

Cool Shed, Ahmedabad/ Vaissnavi Shukl

kitchen, Vaissnavi Shukl

Cool Shed, Ahmedabad/ Vaissnavi Shukl

Cool Shed, Ahmedabad/ Vaissnavi Shukl

bedroom, Vaissnavi Shukl

bathroom, Vaissnavi Shukl

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