Residential ArchitectureApartmentsDeep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Deep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Deep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Project Name: Deep Blue Valentine Apartment
Designer: Sim-Plex Design Studio
Location: Monterey, Hong Kong
Size: 558 sq.ft
Year 2019
Text and Photos provided by Sim-Plex

Film Aesthetics Engraved in Deep Blue And Elegant Bronze
The deep blue color has always existed, but it is the color that is named at the latest. It also makes this kind of color that is inherently sad, and so people have much sympathy on this color. The client of this project is a young couple who are newly married, their love for deep blue is derived from an American love movie “Blue Valentine” in 2010: the realistic plot of romantic and realistic alternation in the film, and the main theme of blue tone drove the couple to expect the new apartment design that create a space with its movie’s aesthetics atmosphere. Sim-Plex repeatedly studied the plot of the film, and after many discussions with the couple, he finally decided to use the art in “Blue Valentine'” as a blueprint in designing the new apartment.

interior design by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Anti-Romantic Movie Contrast By the Love of the Moment
“Blue Valentine” describes the romantic moment of the pasts and contrast by the feeling fades as the time passes. the plot is alternatively presenting the situation of the past and now. The critique of romance in the downright, and even the real cruelty, made the couple feel more pitiful and sympathetic. The film aesthetics such as the blue west of the male is assembled with the red collar, which is the abbreviation of romance and reality in the play. This aesthetic element has become the main theme of the project: the strong contrast between the blue wall and the bronze stainless steel; the marble tiles wall and the classical picture frame; the white cabinet and the occasional dark wood color. These elements echo to the film atmosphere.

Deep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

The Window of Window As The Hub Of Daylighting
Hong Kong has building regulations for residential window openings, which ensure that there are enough windows of different rooms. “Although the lighting area of windows must meet the regulations, most of the Hong Kong developers make windows generally only meet the requirements so as to maximize their profits.” said Patrick, founder of Sim-Plex. The window of the window is to introduce additional daylight into the Deep Blue Valentine apartment. Between the guest room and the living room, a two-meter by two-meter large glass window is opened with a bronze window frame; the position of the window not only introducing the outer view into the house, but also extending the view of the marble stone walls to the guest room and corridor.

dining room by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Marble Wall And Classical Picture Frames Shape The Aesthetic Atmosphere
The living room has a three-meter-high marbled stone wall with stainless steel bronze edges on both sides; under the TV is a four meters long white wood cabinet, which extended from the living room to the dining room, and the bottom is contrasted by dark wood to highlight its horizontal sense; There are narrow and long classical picture frames at the top, which is contrasted with the deep blue wall and mirrored shoe cabinet. The master bedroom wardrobe is mainly made of light grey stone finish with bronze handles, and with decorative hollow space underneath; the back of the bed is a blue wall with light grey cushion and a dark wooden platform which extended to the window.

Deep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

The warmth of the space is often determined by the distance with people. This project “Deep Blue Valentine” explores the movie stories that are loved by the clients. After many researches and reinterpretation, the art in the movie is dig out and try to be integrated into the interior design. This aims to establish a deeper mental connection between home and end users.

Deep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

living room by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Deep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

bedroom by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Deep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Deep Blue Valentine Apartment by Sim-Plex Design Studio

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