Dune House: Inspired by Sand Dunes of Terschelling Island

Dune House

Terschelling is a quiet island located off the northern Dutch coast. The sand dunes dominate the landscape of this Dutch island and they were an inspiration source for the architect Marc Koehler in order to realize the Dune House project. In the spirit of this landscape, Marc Koehler has designed a modern residence that reflects the nature and environment, while having in the same time as objective a minimum carbon footprint on the sand of the island. As its name implies, somehow, the house resembles a sand dune. Different spaces of the house are connected to each other by a continuous line, realized in the shape of a spiral. The central core of the house works as a fireplace, library and technical space and around it, the floors unfold. The spiral path connects the private spaces – bedrooms- with the living, dining and relax spaces on the upper levels. Each level has a unique connection with the surrounding landscape.

Dune House - minimum carbon footprint on the sand of the island

The contemporary loft-life open interior space is enclosed by a traditional facade and roof structure, to meet the requirements set by the local government. The silhouette of the house associates both to local architecture pitched and turtle roof types of neighboring houses and the topography of the natural landscape. Dune House is built almost entirely of ecological materials and it is highly energy efficient. By using a unique cross-laminated wooden structure, the projection of a wooden roof and a central heating system based on bio-fuel, make the CO2 footprint to be reduced to a minimum.

Interior design: Marc Koehler Architects
Project Architect: Carlos Moreira
Execution Manager: Thomas Welink, Annemarie Swemmer
Design team: Kasia Heijerman, Miriam Tocino, Anna Szcsurek and Jakub Zoha
Technical description and execution: AchterboschZantman architecten
Builder: P.A. Wiersma Aannemingsmaatschappij BV
Interior builder: Koen Vieugel
Installations: Bakker Installatietechniek
Glazing Construction: Huijberts Gevelbouw
Photographer: Filip Dujardin
Stylist photoshoot: Friday Next

Dutch House - interior design

Dutch House inspired by sand dunes of Terschelling Island

Dutch House architecture by Marc Koehler

Dune House inspired by sand dunes of Terschelling Island (8)

House interior by Marc Koehler

Dune House inspired by sand dunes of Terschelling Island (1)

Dune House by Marc Koehler

140829 Interior platforms Axo FINAL

140829 Interior platforms Axo FINAL

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