Retail DesignOptical Store in Seoul - Endpiece by Wallga + WGNB

Optical Store in Seoul – Endpiece by Wallga + WGNB

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul

Located in Seoul, South Korea, ENDPIECE is a small boutique selling glasses recently completed by korean studio Wallga + WGNB. The name of the store stems from the part of the glasses that is connected to the lens frame and the temple called as the end piece.

From the architect: Many glasses apply their own details to this part, and it is a very important part that they expose their brand identity by expressing imagination. As tiny and accurate components of a high-end watch make a time by moving accurately as they are supposed to, the end piece in glasses is also the most important object that raises its own value.

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 1 We thought a type of furnishings that glasses are placed in this space as one end piece and decided to make it be an object. We combined a lump with thin sides delicately and produced warmth by wrapping the top of a thin metal that glasses contact with soft fabric. Photography Optical Store in Seoul: Yongjun / Choi 

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 2

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 3

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 4

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 5

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 6

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 7

Endpiece - Optical Store in Seoul 8

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