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GIV Apartment by WE Architects

GIV Apartment by WE Architects

Project: GIV Apartment
Architects: WE Architects
Location: Tel Aviv District, Israel
Project size: 80 m2
Project Budget: $150000
Completion date 2020
Photo Credits: Itay Benit

The customers are a young family (including 2 children), with background in high-tech and education fields.
While searching for their dream apartment, they had found an available one at the building which they rented an apartment at. The advantages were a prime central location, amazing view right up to the beaches of Tel-Aviv, and a great breeze in the evenings.

GIV Apartment by WE Architects

GIV Apartment by WE Architects

From the beginning, they have trusted me with their eyes closed, leading to the creation of a non-standard design, which maximizes and emphasizes the spaciousness of the communal area. This was achieved by re-designing the entire space (including the “wet” rooms), and by using a problematic constructive-column to our advantage, by re-arranging the space around it, placing the TV on it, and designing a metal bookcase which integrates with it.

GIV Apartment by WE Architects

As a young family with two children under the age of 3, storage space was in great need, so we have designed costume-made carpentry items all around the apartment. Another core element which we aimed for was the Scandinavian “Hygge” vibe, which was achieved by using a natural “material-palette”, combined of light-colors, wooden accents, and multiple layers of lighting.

GIV Apartment by WE Architects

home office, WE Architects

decor bedroom, WE Architects

bedroom, WE Architects

kids bedroom, WE Architects

bathroom, WE Architects

GIV Apartment by WE Architects

floor plan

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