Residential ArchitectureHousesGuipavas Black Barn / Trace et Associés & Crayons des Jardins

Guipavas Black Barn / Trace et Associés & Crayons des Jardins

Guipavas Black Barn

Located in Gouesnou, France, the Guipavas Black Barn was designed by french studio Trace et Associés for a young family with children. The landscape design was conceived by Crayons des Jardins. Photography by Pascal Leopold

Guipavas Black Barn 1

Guipavas Black Barn 3

Guipavas Black Barn 4

Guipavas Black Barn 5

Guipavas Black Barn 6

Guipavas Black Barn 7

Guipavas Black Barn 8

Guipavas Black Barn 10

Guipavas Black Barn 11

Guipavas Black Barn 12

Guipavas Black Barn 13

Guipavas Black Barn 13

Guipavas Black Barn 2

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