Horizon Apartment in Paris by Rosko Family Design

Horizon Apartment

Rosko Family Design has designed Horizon apartment for a French gallery owner and art collector. A special highlight of the interior steel stunning, unique collectible pieces of furniture – the famous Italian sculptor, furniture maker Diego Giacometti. Horizon apartment is located in Paris, France.

One of studio last projects is a flat of a famous French gallery owner, collector and philanthropist. In his private collection there are many rare pieces of art, including a collection of works of the French abstract artist Simon Hantaï, as well as unique works –furniture of iconic Italian sculptor and furniture maker Diego Giacometti. Exactly these pieces of art the client wanted to see in his new interior.

Horizon Apartment 1

The main idea and the task that architects have set themselves was to create an environment where these unique pieces of art will look most benefited. Thus they decided to make a bright, laconic, even a little ascetic space – a kind of “stage” for the main actors of this plot – paintings and furniture.

Horizon Apartment 2

Large light planes, mirror surfaces, the play of light and shadow – those are the main compositional solutions for this project.

Horizon Apartment 3

Hantaї picture “Biatorbágy” (1922) reminded authors a free flight of soaring birds and served the main inspiration to create a theme of “Garden of Eden” in the bedroom.

Interior Design: Rosko Family Design
Project Title: Horizon Apartment
Project team: Anatoliy Rosko and Katerina Rosko
Location: Paris, France
Year of realization: 2016
Area:170 sq.m.
Photography courtesy of Rosko Family Design

Horizon Apartment 4

Horizon Apartment 7

Horizon Apartment 5

Horizon Apartment 6

Horizon Apartment 8

Horizon Apartment 9

Horizon Apartment 10

Horizon Apartment 11

Horizon Apartment 12

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