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Ben Adams

Established in 2010 in London, Ben Adams Architects has quickly developed a reputation for elegant, contextual architecture balancing function with an appropriate degree of innovation and flair.
Our built portfolio demonstrates an ability to design buildings that fulfill clients’ immediate needs, but which also provides enough flexibility to meet changing requirements in the future.

At Ben Adams Architects we have particular expertise in the intelligent refurbishment of existing buildings, delivering projects which are contemporary yet respectful of their site, surroundings and historic conditions.

Ben Adams
Ben founded Ben Adams Architects in 2010. His work demonstrates architectural flair, fresh thinking and commercial acumen, with projects that are individually distinctive and the result of bespoke ideas rather than formulaic solutions. Across a range of sectors, BAA has developed an award-winning portfolio of projects often working with the challenges of existing buildings and constrained urban sites to add character and desirability.

Ben divides his time between guiding the overall design direction of the practice, generating new business, and R&D to provide a pivotal link between the studio’s design ethos, client requirements, and future possibilities.

Ben is excited by genuinely new ideas, and the opportunities that emerge from tackling project constraints in an open-minded way. His approach combines a rational process driven by brief, cost and contextual analysis, with strong instincts for the appropriate design responses. He is committed to the development of long-term client relationships and skilled at establishing the trust and understanding that can be vital to project success.

Ben has taught architecture as a tutor and a critic at Cambridge University, The Architectural Association, Central St Martins and L’Ecole Speciale d’Architecture.

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom

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