Here you will find surprising solutions for designing the ideal penthouse. We invite you to a virtual tour of the most special and amazing penthouses in the world!

Pontoon Penthouse by Za Bor Architects

Pontoon Penthouse is another amazing and useful creation from Za Bor Architects. It can be both used on water or on top of an existing construction due to its lightness. For this construction, Za Bor Architects resorted to technologies used for building of ships and submarines. As a basis, a strong structure of frames was

New York Penthouse Personalized as a Unique Universe with Timeless Values

Located at the 30th floor of Setai Building, 40 Broad Street, this New York penthouse is an impressive exhibition of retro and vintage objects and furniture, meticulously gathered together to create a unique, personalized universe, with atemporal value. We could say, without doubt, that is penthouse is a “trophy”, with a spectacular view towards Liberty

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