Residential ArchitectureHousesKona Coast Retreat - A Traditional Hawaiian Vacation House

Kona Coast Retreat – A Traditional Hawaiian Vacation House

Kona Coast Retreat

Kona Coast Retreat is set on a lava field poised at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. This unique, custom-built residence reimagines a Hawaiian sanctuary with an unexpected, integrated and completely modern design scheme with interiors by Nicole Hollis and architecture by Shay Zak. A traditional Hawaiian, open-plan hale scheme, consisting of seven separate pavilions, is transformed into a contemporary amalgamation of rich texture, tone, and surface.

Embracing the site context, the materials palette underscores deep elemental ties including puka lava floor tiles and coral wall blocks. Collaborations include lighting by the artist Michele Oka Doner who employs the shape of branches from the property’s indigenous Kiawe tree to explore the volcanic isles’ verdant nature. This distinctive home encapsulates a poetic ode to the rugged Kona Coast and the beloved beach culture of its owners. Manta Dining Chair and Low Lounge Chair by Matthew Hilton are included in the interior.

Architects: Zak Architecture
Interior Design: Nicole Hollis Design
Project: Kona Coast Retreat
Location: Hawaii 
Photography: Laure Joliet

Kona Coast Retreat 1

Kona Coast Retreat 2

Kona Coast Retreat 18

Kona Coast Retreat 3

Kona Coast Retreat 5

Kona Coast Retreat 6

Kona Coast Retreat 7

Kona Coast Retreat 9

Kona Coast Retreat 8

Kona Coast Retreat 9

Kona Coast Retreat 12

Kona Coast Retreat 10

Kona Coast Retreat 11

Kona Coast Retreat 12

Kona Coast Retreat 13

Kona Coast Retreat 14

Kona Coast Retreat 15

Kona Coast Retreat 17

Kona Coast Retreat 16

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