La Dolca of Tickets: Magic Universe of Stories and Sweets

La Dolça of Tickets magic universe of stories and sweets

La Dolca of Tickets is the new gastronomic space in Ticket Restaurant, designed by El Equipo Creativo, a design studio based in Barcelona. The architects Oliver Franz Schmidt and Natali Canas del Pozo began their work together in 2010, with the design for the emblematic restaurant Tickets of Ferran and Albert Adriá. El Equipo Creativo, the informal way they were named during that first project, is today the name of the studio specialized in the design of gastronomic, commercial and brand flag spaces.

La Dolça of Tickets magic universe of stories and sweets - chefs Albert and Ferran Adrià

The designer’s description

After a dinner full of surprises in Tickets, the guests are invited to “put the icing on the cake” by having dessert in La Dolça. The new space aims to embrace the visitor and carry him to the magical universe of children’s stories where sweets have a special importance, like “Alice in Wonderland” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.  And just as in those fantasy worlds, everyday objects change scale, context and position creating a surprising and fantastic space… and perhaps making us feel like children once again.

La Dolça - chefs Albert and Ferran Adrià

From above, the ceiling as protagonist receives the guest with an explosion of color: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and giant flowers envelop the space offering a unique and magical atmosphere.

La Dolça of Tickets Restaurant - El Equipo Creativo, Barcelona

At a more accessible level for the guest, the furniture, specifically designed for La Dolça, also forms part of the stenography. The white paper doilies used for pastries are the leitmotiv for the design of the tables, which at the same time serve as filters through which the spotlights draw a world of lights and shadows on the floor.

La Dolça of Tickets magic universe of sweets

While gathering the bustling spirit of Tickets restaurant, La Dolça offers a sweet, fantastic counterpoint: from the roguish world of the Parallel Avenue to which Tickets pays homage to an imaginary world seen through the eyes of a child.

La Dolça of Tickets Restaurant

La Dolça of Tickets Restaurant - El Equipo Creativo

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