The Little-Big House / Annie Ritz + Daniel Rabin

The Little-Big House

Annie Ritz together with Daniel Rabin (husband and wife) have recently completed The Little-Big House, a bright and comfortable family-home located in Los Angeles, California.

From the architect: Named, “ The Little-Big House ” by our clients, we took on the task of transforming a cramped, poorly sub-divided 60s house, into an open, hip, hillside home. Our first step was to correct the spatial layout; we gutted the entire first floor and master bathroom upstairs, relocated the kitchen and relocated a guest bedroom, in order to create a series of unique but connected living spaces; built-ins, a textural fireplace and custom seating helped to distinguish each living zone and give the open space definition.

The Little-Big House 1

To overcome the narrow footprint of the master bathroom, we opened up the ceiling, added a skylight, and combined a continuos graphic tile with a light material palette. Finally, new doors and windows are placed strategically to capture hillside views, bring in natural light and connect to the petite backyard patio – touched up with a fresh, two tone color scheme. All photos by: James Elliot Bailey

The Little-Big House 3

The Little-Big House 3

The Little-Big House 4

The Little-Big House 5

The Little-Big House 6

The Little-Big House 8

The Little-Big House 7

The Little-Big House 9

The Little-Big House 10

The Little-Big House 12

The Little-Big House 13


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