Residential ArchitectureLoftsLoft M50 by Paola Maré Interior Designer

Loft M50 by Paola Maré Interior Designer

Loft M50 by Paola Maré Interior Designer

Project: Loft M50
Interior Design: Paola Maré Interior Designer
Location: Turin, Italy
Completed 2021
Photo Credits: Jana Sebestova photography

Located in a pleasant courtyard in the city center, Loft M50 is the result of the conversion of a portion of a building originally used as a body shop.

living room, Paola Maré Interior Designer

To obtain a wider and more regular plant, the wall that divided the two narrow and long huts was removed.

Loft M50 by Paola Maré Interior Designer

Furthermore, to create a private outdoor space, a portion of the roof has been eliminated. This well of light, which further increases the brightness of the environment, is bordered on two sides by large sliding windows that create a continuity between inside and outside.

Loft M50 by Paola Maré Interior Designer

To take advantage of the height, three metal carpentry mezzanines were built: a mezzanine houses the bedroom with an exposed bathtub and a small bathroom, while the other two are relaxation areas or spaces for guests.

dining room, Paola Maré Interior Designer

In the large open space that houses the sitting area and the dining area, the stairs leading to the mezzanines are characterized by different shapes and colors to soften a symmetry that would have given the interior a severe image.

patio, Paola Maré Interior Designer

Under the larger mezzanines there are the walk-in closet, the entrance to the house decorated with wallpaper, the main bathroom and the study with independent entrance.

kitchen, Paola Maré Interior Designer

The sliding panel with wooden slats that separates the study from the rest of the house was made to design as well as the fixed furnishings and the kitchen that finds space under the smaller mezzanine and is shielded by a masonry partition.

Loft M50 by Paola Maré Interior Designer

Inside the white prevails which contrasts with the black iron and is heated by elements in birch plywood.

staircase, Paola Maré Interior Designer

The lighting has been carefully studied to create particular atmospheres according to the different functional spaces.

Loft M50 by Paola Maré Interior Designer

bedroom, Paola Maré Interior Designer

Loft M50 by Paola Maré Interior Designer

bathroom, Paola Maré Interior Designer

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