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Milazzo Apartment / Archiplan Studio

Milazzo Apartment

The Milazzo apartment is located in the consolidated urban fabric of the city of Milan, and is on three levels, one mezzanine and a basement. The project was completed in 2016 by Italian studio Archiplan. A flat portion is formed by a double-height space that accomodate the living, and appears as a privileged context. The project introduces a large regulator element represented by the timber wall, which identifies hierarchies for both domestic and becomes an element of visual orientation within the home.

Milazzo Apartment 1

The dividing wall through the mechanism of “see through”, allows you to separate spaces and at the same time to establish the relationships between them. The walls, like feelings, can separate or join. The floor of a portion of the ground floor is made of glass to allow the passage of solar light coming through the two large openings on the lower level.

Milazzo Apartment 2

The light that passes through the floor is filtered by a light shelding timber that is configured as an element of visual filter against by the underlying space. Many of the furnishings are all about design and develop an idea of tailoring space that escapes the approval of commercial design.

Milazzo Apartment 3

The project pursues a pleasure for detail, which is expressed in the timely design of all the elements that compose it, the pleasure for detail, for the measurement, for the authentic and light, are the themes with which the project was compared. Photography: Davide Galli Atelier

Milazzo Apartment 4

Milazzo Apartment 5

Milazzo Apartment 6

Milazzo Apartment 7

Milazzo Apartment 8

Milazzo Apartment 9

Milazzo Apartment 10

Milazzo Apartment 11

Milazzo Apartment 12

Milazzo Apartment 13

Milazzo Apartment 14

Milazzo Apartment 15

Milazzo Apartment 16

Milazzo Apartment 17

Milazzo Apartment 18

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