MK House in Antwerp / Nicolas Schuybroek Architects

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MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects

MK House is a recently renovated heritage-listed townhouse from the early 1800’s located in the historic centre of Antwerp. The house was designed by Brussels-based Nicolas Schuybroek Architects.

From the architect: In the historic city center of Antwerp, we thoroughly renovated this listed house from the early 1800’s characterized by an unusually large graphical black and white facade. Although the original house was charming and nicely proportioned, yet it was dark and the disposition of the rooms lacked coherence.

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 1

A great deal of time was spent on the architectural part of the house: re imaging circulations, volumes, connections between spaces and most importantly, introducing natural light. Our goal was to create a timeless, warm-minimalist and elegant house in tune with it’s past and the clients needs.

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 2

The notion of apparent simplicity became a key design element in this project: it was about reinventing a certain type of minimalism and sophistication where the light, volumes and proportions would be as important as the refined interior details and materials. The monastic appearance of the house is lifted by the raw textures: the wooden beam ceiling, distressed chevron oak floors, honed marble and a beautifully balanced collection of mid-century furniture pieces.

Architects: Nicolas Schuybroek Architects
Project: MK House
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Photography: Claessens & Deschamps, Thomas de Bruyne

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 3

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 4

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 5

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 6

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 7

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 8

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 9

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 10

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 11

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 12

MK House by Nicolas Schuybroek Architects 13

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