Residential ArchitectureHousesNubes House, Argentina by Etéreo Arquitectos

Nubes House, Argentina by Etéreo Arquitectos

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

Project: Nubes House
Architects: Etéreo Arquitectos
Location: Tafí del Valle, Argentina
Completed 2020
Photo Credits: Jimena Montenegro

The building is located at Las Nubes neibourghood on the way to Tafi del Valle, Tucuman, Argentina. It is placed in an area of almost 6000 mt2 in the middle of the valley, being protected by the mountains and with unique views over El Mollar village and La Angostura dam. Tafi el Valle village sets through the north windows of the bedrooms. The night witnesses the immensity of the whole valley overlooking The Mollar and Tafi del Valle.

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

This project was born by the dream of the homeowner of being a holiday house with an industrial style, a kind of a montainous barn.
Solving the conceptual idea of designing an industrial style house that looks like the old English barns outside as well as inside turned out to be the key in order to develop the project.

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

Functionally, the house was designed in two lateral wings destined to the private area of bedrooms and connected to the main area of the house that is the social space.

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

The house which is arranged in parallel to the dam enjoys the best panoramic views and the landscapes that the environment gives us away.

floor plan

dining area, Etéreo Arquitectos

The dining/ living room and kitchen, that are an integrated central area characterized by its structure and the entrance of the zenith light, make this space unique and cozy. On the other hand, the galleries enable the direct contact with nature as a link to enjoy the magic of the mountains.

interior design, Etéreo Arquitectos

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

The chosen materials were one of the most considerable features in order to build the house. A barn was built with not only a non traditional system but also in a place with non specialized manpower what meant a double challenge for the studio. The huge windows, what were impossible to avoid because of the great views that the environment gives us away, forced us to work with high-performance carpentry in order not to lose comfort.

living area, Etéreo Arquitectos

The reinforced concrete, mostly at sight, and metal structure gantries with 50 mm (k=0,36) classwall panel enclosures compose the structure of the house. Besides, the self-supporting sheet metal panels with polyurethane insulating core which is a system usually chosen for cold storage are arranged with the intention of responding to high climatic area requirements.

fire place, Etéreo Arquitectos

Las Nubes House is a project that breaks guidelines of a traditional building of the place while respecting the enviroment. The project and the place speak for themselves.

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

Nubes House by Etéreo Arquitectos

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