Co+in Collaborative Lab

About Co+in Collaborative Lab

Co+in Collaborative Lab is a boutique-sized Interior Architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia, one that helps to create an experience that goes beyond form and material within the field of residential and commercial design.

Our aim is to evoke the senses of every spatial related form, forge a deeper connection between end-user and the built environment.
Our practice roots in exploration and research, to create authenticity and curated design that caters the essence of individuals or brands.

This is where we get to know each other and shares your vision, ambitions and plan. We do most of the listening.

This phase is where we research and craft direction that suitable just for you. How it would feels, looks & tone.

After those intense phase, this phase is where we come to design your ideas and vision, help to make them come to life.

LOCATION: Jakarta, Indonesia

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