Residential ArchitectureApartmentsOld Rustic Apartment Renovation in Jakarta

Old Rustic Apartment Renovation in Jakarta

Old Rustic Apartment Renovation in Jakarta

Project: Monolodge / Old Rustic Apartment Renovated
Interior Design: Co+in Collaborative Lab
Team: Nico Andriano, Christin Apriyanti
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Year of completion: 2023
Project size: 90sqm
Photography: Co+in Collaborative Lab

Monolodge is a 90 square meter apartment located in one of the oldest apartment complexes in South Jakarta, designed by Co+in Collaborative Lab to restyle the old apartment unit while incorporating the character of industrial rustic contemporary. The apartment’s design is inspired by the natural and warm feeling of a farmhouse.

Old Rustic Apartment Renovation in Jakarta

The apartment’s natural color palette uses diverse tones of wood as the focal point, bringing out the sense of a well-aged space. Furniture and detail accents are in black, creating an edgy style that contrasts with the vintage element. The apartment’s name “Monolodge” comes from the word “Mono” or Single, in masculine grey color with a hint of warmth from the wood, and “Lodge” is a cottage, designed for co-living, with extra rooms rented for tenants.

Old Rustic Apartment Renovation in Jakarta

The design of the space emphasizes turning the outdoor scenery into the center of attraction of the apartment. To enhance the apartment’s design, the ceiling is designed with artificial wooden beams, integrating the design experience of the whole space. The open-concept kitchen and laundry area become the heart of the home with a warm jazz-bar-like space to unwind.

living area

The barn door detail element adds character to the apartment while the TV feature is created through a false fireplace designed to accentuate the natural elements while providing extra storage. A dog house is integrated into the cabinet, to provide function while maintaining the rustic look of the space.

Old Rustic Apartment Renovation in Jakarta


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