Residential ArchitectureApartmentsRUST Apartment by Co+in Collaborative Lab

RUST Apartment by Co+in Collaborative Lab

RUST Apartment by Co+in Collaborative Lab

Project: RUST Apartment
Interior Designer: Co+in Collaborative Lab
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Year of completion: 2021
Project size: 40 sqm (430 square feet)
Photography: Co+in Collaborative Lab

RUST apartment is a 40 square meter (430 square foot) flat located in South Jakarta that was designed by Co+in Collaborative Lab with the aim to bring a new life to the ten-year-old apartment unit.

RUST Apartment by Co+in Collaborative Lab
It is the Client deep interest towards horse riding, that establish her love towards rustic design element and old barn, which shapes the form details and materials selection of the space.

kitchen, Co+in Collaborative Lab

The design of the project focuses on how to reconfigure the existing gloomy apartment to achieve the maximum amount of natural light and expressing the personalities of the space.

layout, before and after

The natural color palette is used throughout the apartment, with the diverse tones of wood as the focal point, bring out the sense of well-aged space. Furniture and detail accent are in black, accentuate an edgy style, contrasting the vintage element.

RUST Apartment by Co+in Collaborative Lab

Upon entering the apartment, guests and the residents are visually pulled by the artificial wooden beam on the ceiling to integrate the design experience of the whole space, with barn door detail element, it is adding a hint of mystery and quirkiness in the foyer.

dining area, Co+in Collaborative Lab

Existing drywall is removed to introduce natural light from the bedroom to the existing condition of the old apartment that is sandwiched from wall to wall, forming an open and lively space experience as you enter the unit, while still maintaining semi-privacy to the bedroom. New glass walls are developed in arched shape to soften the new angular drywall that fits the living room by the windows, featuring a semi-rounded bar island that delineates the kitchen with the dining area.

RUST Apartment by Co+in Collaborative Lab

bedroom, Co+in Collaborative Lab

home office, Co+in Collaborative Lab

bathroom, Co+in Collaborative Lab

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