Open and Light Architecture, Made in Swiss …Zen Villa

Richrerswil House - open and light architecture

Switzerland makes me think about blessed neutrality, chocolate and watches. Have I missed anything? Of course, when saying Switzerland we also think about banks…Well, the house I am going to talk about is pretty Swiss as it has the precision of a watch, the quality of a Swiss brand, the toughness of the Swiss spirit. I was explaining in a previous article what Zen spirit means and this house follows the concept by using clear lines, symmetrical shapes, simplicity, calmness, neutral and natural colors.

Projected by Studioforma, the Richrerswil House has three levels; the upper floor is conceived a large living and a lounge area.  The windows offer a unique view of the mountains and of the beautiful Zurich Lake.  The house is full of light, generous in space and it inspires calm. The enormous terraces and the perfect lawn inspire elegance and luxury, in a way that lacks ostentatiousness. The varnished wood brings a note of classic and authentic.

Richrerswil House - open and light architectureThe large living is reigned by a fireplace, in harmony with the mountainous landscape and invites to a romantic and warm atmosphere.  We can imagine the long starry nights, the frozen, shining lake and the magic light of the flames dancing on the walls. What would one want more? Maybe a flavored hot wine and a pleasant music… The bathroom with blue mosaic conquers by light and elegance, while the other bathroom is simple and practical. The kitchen is large and full of light, gives the feeling of a connection to environment and nature and offers the inspiration to prepare our own food. This Swiss house is an example of a light architecture, an exceptional urban choice, a space that, although simple and elegant, offers the frame for a warm life style.

Richrerswil House - architecture

Richrerswil House - light architecture

Richrerswil House - open and light architecture

Richrerswil House

Richrerswil House

Richrerswil House - open and light architecture

Richrerswil House

Richrerswil House - open and light architecture

Richrerswil House - open and light architecture

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