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Paso Robles ADU / Catch Architecture

Paso Robles ADU, a small retreat for a couple designed by Catch Architecture

Paso Robles ADU / Catch Architecture

Project: Paso Robles ADU
Architecture: Catch Architecture
Location: Paso Robles, California, United States
Area: 700 ft2
Year: 2022
Photo Credits: David Lalush Photography

Four hobbies, one space
She reads, he cooks. She sews, he farms. Different hobbies, different routines with a single goal: be together, get old together, live together. They own a historic house but now it is just too big, too much to clean, too many rooms, too many boundaries. They decided to demolish the old garage on the back and build an ADU, a personal, small, unique retreat space.

The goal was to create a space able to accommodate the hobbies but to keep certain continuity between them to create a fluid journey allowing constant interaction.

Paso Robles ADU / Catch Architecture

Based on that premise, we started with an open plan concept but added a 45 degrees rotated rectangular volume in the middle creating four pockets for rooms on each side. That rotated volume allows singularity while keeping the continuity of the space. The final floor plan places the bathroom and kitchen in the center for plumbing efficiency. The rectangular central volumes host a loft on top for an office or guest room space. It also containing the bookshelves and gas fireplace facing the living room

The result? An ADU that makes visual sense, while the strong roof line and fun floor plan give it a contemporary twist.

dining room “When we decided to build an ADU, we wanted to choose a local, woman-owned business. And what we found was Nina and her team and it felt like a jackpot! From the first meeting with her up until the finalization of the project, we felt in good hands. The whole team was very professional, very knowledgeable, and with the same passion for this project as us. We sat together with Nina and her team to talk about our list of needs, wants, and dreams and they translated our list into a fabulous design, way better than what we had wished for. I am an artist, and I like unusual creativity, and thinking outside the box ideas, and one of the three designs that Nina and her team presented fulfilled everything we needed, everything we wanted, and more than we dreamed about! All this came with a few challenges, but this team found solutions, great alternatives, and – together with the construction company Nina recommended – everything and anything was possible! We are so thrilled with the outcome! This ADU is our main residence and after living here for more than one year, we wouldn’t want to change anything about it. We highly recommend Nina and her team!” — EDITH, CLIENT

living room

stair, living area

upper level


Paso Robles ADU / Catch Architecture

Paso Robles ADU / Catch Architecture

Paso Robles ADU / Catch Architecture

plan, facade, section

Paso Robles ADU plan

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