Porto do Frade House / Paola Ribeiro Interiores

Porto do Frade House / Paola Ribeiro Interiores
Porto do Frade House

Project: Porto do Frade House
Interior Design: Paola Ribeiro Interiores
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Photo Credits: André Nazareth

It is a house in Condomínio Porto do Frade in Angra dos Reis in Rio de Janeiro.

The house has 110 square meters, we did a general renovation.

The Porto do Frade House is used for summer holidays, the clients live in Rio de Janeiro and love to go there on weekends and vacations.

It’s a family of 1 middle-aged couple with 1 teenage son.

The clients are very dear and we’ve known them for years as we’ve done other projects for them.

living area / Porto do Frade House

At the beginning of the pandemic, they decided to rent a house in the condominium, where close friends already had homes. And the experience was incredible and the desire to have a house of their own there grew and so they decided to buy the house they were renting.

It was then that they spoke to Paola and the renovation project began.

It was a major renovation, the house was practically original.

living area

We made a beautiful open kitchen, making it integrated into the living room and the balcony that was not covered gained a super charming and tasty pergola, facing the canal with a wonderful view! This is the high point of the house.

Previously, the veranda was not used as much as it was completely open, and with the renovation it became a large gourmet veranda with barbecue, very pleasant, where friends and family can be comfortably welcomed.

dining room

The house now has two comfortable suites, one for the couple and in the other we designed a bespoke bunk bed, which accommodates 4 people and we also put 2 futons underneath that can also be used for sleeping.

The joinery was all bespoke, super charming! the environments are all very well produced and in the best beach chic style, nothing too obvious.

The house is small, but just as they wanted. A beautiful, charming, vibrant house, easy to maintain with a very special view. And they didn’t need a leisure area or a boat in the house because they are frequenters of the Hotel Fasano, which is opposite the house in the same condominium.


bedroom / Porto do Frade House



Porto do Frade House / Paola Ribeiro Interiores

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