Renovation of a Small Flat in Turin, Italy

Renovation of a Small Flat in Turin, Italy

Project: Renovation of a Small Flat in Turin
Architects: PlaC Architecture
Team: Davide Barreri, Chiara Bertetti
Location: Turin, Italy
Area: 100 sqm
Completed 2022
Photo Credits: LLUM Collettivo
Budget: 50.000 euro

The project involved the renovation of a small flat in Turin, to be redesigned according to the needs and tastes of a young couple with a rather limited budget.

The existing state presented several small rooms distributed by a large blind corridor.
The clients wanted a flat with two bedrooms, an airy living area and a kitchen with an island.


The intervention kept the original floor plan as much as possible unchanged to optimise the budget.
The demolitions, reduced to a minimum, involve only the living area and maximise the connection between living room and kitchen.

dining room

The customers’ wish for a kitchen with an island was not compatible with the size of the available space, hence the idea of designing a large ‘kitchen island’.

dining area

The central element of the kitchen constitutes the fulcrum of the space: it houses two sliding doors that separate it from the living room and, near the entrance, it lowers to become a containing seat to welcome guests.

Renovation of a Small Flat in Turin, Italy

To maximise the continuity of the space and encourage the distribution of light, the kitchen doors have been designed as full-height, fully concealed doors.All the floors – with the exception of the two bedrooms where the original parquet flooring has been recovered – have been covered with avio blue tiles.

All the furniture, bathroom cabinets and mirrors were made to the designers’ design.

Renovation of a Small Flat in Turin, Italy


Renovation of a Small Flat in Turin, Italy

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