Residential ArchitectureHousesRoccolo House, Italy by Edoardo Milesi & Archos

Roccolo House, Italy by Edoardo Milesi & Archos

Roccolo House by Edoardo Milesi & Archos

Project: Roccolo House
Architects: Edoardo Milesi & Archos
Location: Clusone, Italy
Photo Credits: Ezio Manciucca, Cristian Carrara

The Roccolo House is a fascinating contemporary reinterpretation of a typical building of the Lombard landscape.

Roccolo House by Edoardo Milesi & Archos

To live in a bird catcher hut means to know how to be amazed at nature, to love it and to learn to know it through the concept of emptiness. A vertical place that connects the earth and the cosmos through our souls. Above all, a quiet place that enlightens the mind. A formidable source of inspiration that combines tradition with a contemporary look to the future and reminds us of the transience of life.

Roccolo House by Edoardo Milesi & Archos

A place designed to escape the stress of the urban world, where aesthetic ideals are sublimated in the modesty of simple forms and natural materials, while leaving complexity to nature around us.

fireplace, Edoardo Milesi & Archos

“A place that emphasizes the importance of living in the moment. To tightly grasp every minute spent on this earth and to appreciate the ephemeral nature of everything in this world”. (Axel Vervoordt)

staircase, Edoardo Milesi & Archos

interiors, Edoardo Milesi & Archos

kitchen, Edoardo Milesi & Archos

bedroom, Edoardo Milesi & Archos

bathroom, Edoardo Milesi & Archos

Roccolo House by Edoardo Milesi & Archos

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