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Tetra Pod Tiny House by Stilt Studios

Tetra Pod by Stilt Studios

Project: Tetra Pod
Architects: Stilt Studios
Architectural Design: Alexis Dornier
Location: Kecamatan Kuta Selatan, Indonesia
Area: 64 m2
Year: 2021
Photographs: Alexis Dornier, Ananta Pradipta

Stilt Studios is happy to be able to present the first finalized Tetra Pod Studio in Uluwatu, Bali. A prefabricated tiny house using recycled Tetra Pack Cartons as wall and roof material, bringing together unique design while playing a part in the local, circular economy. The Tetra Pod is a 64sqm home with all living amenities elevated 40cm off the ground, built from wood, steel, glass and recycled materials.

The architecture seeks to blend into its surroundings by making use of the recycled materials’ reflective characteristics, while strategically placed openings carefully frame view corridors. The diagonally oriented floor plan creates exciting spaces that exude outward into the exterior. The balanced compromise of open facades and the use of space make this small home elegant and spacious.

Tetra Pod by Stilt Studios

“At Stilt Studios we believe we have the responsibility for multiple aspects, creating unique designs and reducing the environmental impact of our buildings as well as making these designs available to everybody. How about if we could not only reduce total material used and the footprint, but be a part of the circular economy by the choice of material used, while offering its construction drawings to affordable prices” says Alexis Dornier, co-founder and Chief Designer at Stilt Studios.

Tetra Pod by Stilt Studios

The contemporary design of the sloping roof channels rainwater through the designed structural system which is then stored for further use like watering the surrounding garden. Through openings that are closely put under the canopy, the building seeks to empower passive cooling. In only 64m2 you will find a comfortable bedroom, en-suite bathroom, open kitchen, and living room as well as some outdoor terraces.

Nine point foundations lift the Tetra Pod 40cm above the ground, offering a perfect sitting height on the porch. The large façade panels can be opened to provide a cross-ventilation, making the space completely open. Layers of curtains make the house more private. It also introduces a customized furniture system for a cozy dining and living space.

kitchen, Stilt Studios

The prototype of the Tetra Pod is part of the second development by Stilt Studios in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia, a property development that challenges the perspective of the guests as well as one of the creators on multiple levels. How much space do we actually need to still feel comfortable? How does it feel to live between the trees and being closer to nature again? Let’s try to leave behind status and habits…

The construction time took only 8 weeks as most elements are prefabricated. Building prefabricated means that the majority of the building parts are constructed off-site in industrial workshops saving on building time, cutting waste and improving the quality of work and costs due to economies of scale.

living room, Stilt Studios

After the successful completion of our first prototype, we are now proudly announcing the pre-sale for the construction drawings for Tetra Pod. One important and main pillar of Stilt Studios is bringing unique designs with a strong focus on reducing environmental impacts to everyone in the world interested.

The long term goal is a catalogue of shop drawings for all of our units, so design lovers will be able to build their favorite Studio all around the world without the need of paying a star architect design fee. “It’s a great motivation for the team and myself to work on designs that we can make available for construction to a worldwide audience at an affordable price.” – says Alexis Dornier.

“We feel that especially in times like Corona many people are looking for alternative living spaces – Tetra Pod can be used as a full-on studio to live in, multiple units could turn into a hotel or resort, it offers some extra space as a tiny house in your garden, could function as a working space, yoga pavilion, etc.”

bedroom, Stilt Studios

As this is an ongoing development as well as continuous learning on our side involved we will sell a limited amount of 5 drawing sets for a first trial period to a special price of 5.000 USD/ set.

These drawings contain all required materials with sizes and finishing, structural and MEP details, interior drawings and a detailed step by step explanation of how to build the Tetra Pod. We are excited to see our first unit being built around the world and therefore being part of a new and innovative way for housing – treading lightly on earth.

Tetra Pod by Stilt Studios

Tetra Pod by Stilt Studios

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