Scandinavian Interior Design Tips on a Budget

Scandinavian Interior Design Tips on a Budget
Modern-Scandinavian Styled House in Central Israel

Scandi style seems to be here to stay when it comes to interior design.

The much-loved concept of hygge seems to strike a chord with anyone and everyone, and the focus on simplicity, comfort, pleasing textures and natural shades seems universally admired.

But how do you achieve this type of design on a budget? In this article, we explore some of the ways in which you can transform your home into a Scandi paradise without breaking the bank.

Simple makeovers of this kind can be extremely impactful – and may even increase the value of your home if you’re looking to sell.

Recycle Existing Furniture

Recycle Existing Furniture

A change in style doesn’t necessarily mean a total clearout. Consider repainting or reupholstering your existing furniture in a Scandi style. Choose pastels and matte paints for a truly chilled out vibe.

You can even remove paint from solid wooden items that you already own – using scrapers, specialist paint stripper and a little sandpaper – then treat with clear varnish or oil in order to display the natural grain. Wood finishes are very popular in this particular school of design.

Strip Back

Decluttering is key to the peaceful environment of a hygge-focused home. Remove unnecessary bric a brac from shelves and surfaces and keep only practical furniture that echoes the Scandi-vibes for which you’re aiming.

You should consider pulling up carpets and treating the floorboards below for a simple and elegant transformation. Place an affordable but stylish rug over the top for added texture and interest.

living room, Cedar-Clad Cabin
Cedar-Clad Cabin Inspired by Scandinavian Design and the Hygge Mindset

Choose Laminate and Panelling

If your home doesn’t have floorboards, or if you’re unable to treat them for use as exposed flooring, you could choose to install laminate instead. You can find this material in a range of high quality natural wood styles – and it’s usually far cheaper than other options.

You can also find natural wood-style panelling for walls and ceilings to add a touch of sauna-chic and invoke a relaxing atmosphere.

Scandinavian style apartment
Scandinavian style apartment

Mix and Match

Scandi furniture does not necessarily need to match. Head to second hand stores to find items in complementary colours or shapes, and be prepared to do a little work on them to get them exactly how you want them.

Simplicity is best. Light woods like pine, fir and paler oaks are most common in this type of design, and flourishes or overly decorative elements are very rare. Choose gentle curves and unfussy edges.

If you’re discerning enough, mismatched chairs, tables, cushions and other features can be arranged to look very attractive – and much more expensive than they actually were!

Consider picking up multi-purpose items such as futons. It means less clutter for your space and less money spent.

House in Studen by D’Arcy Jones Architects, Scandinavian Interior Design Tips
House in Studen by D’Arcy Jones Architects

Brighten and Lighten

Light and airy spaces are key to the Scandi environment – and white paint is usually very affordable too. Choose a cream or pale grey colour to avoid too much harshness, then go over all of your walls to create a simple, uniform style throughout each room.

Use unfussy mirrors and reflective surfaces cleverly to reflect the light and make each room feel larger and brighter.

The light fittings you choose will add the perfect finishing touch to your decor. Often, pendants in neutral colours or materials like stone, concrete, steel or copper work beautifully. Otherwise, you could choose fittings with simple curves and elegant lines.

Opt for a warm yellow light for your bulbs for extra coziness.

Scandinavian Interior Design Tips, Minimalism
Scandinavian Minimalism Meets the Rough Aesthetics in Tribeca, New York

Decorate with Plants

The Scandinavian style is all about bringing nature into your home. Plants are often affordable and can make a beautiful addition to your decor. They also offer you a wonderful sense of wellbeing as you cultivate and care for them.

Consider hardy succulents, draping ivy-style houseplants and striking snake plants for different textures and scales.

By following the above tips, you can transform your home into a hygge haven without spending much at all!

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