Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

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Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Project Name: Silver Hair Silver Lining
Interior Design: Sim-Plex Design Studio
Location: Kornhill, Honk Kong
Size: 902 sq.ft
Year 2019
Photos: Courtesy of Sim-Plex Design Studio

Integration Of Retired Elderly Living With Quaint Spatial Vocabulary
The silver-haired people have devoted a lot for too many years, and they always yearn for a pleasant and comfortable living space when they have retired. However, nowadays, the world is lacking of land and a thorough understanding of the needs of the elderly. The society is full of inhuman spaces for the elderly.

Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Sim-Plex therefore takes the living habits of the silver-haired people as the core of the design, making this project as an example of improving the living space of the elderly. The clients is a retired elder couple who is interested in traditional charm and strong cultural heritage. In terms of spatial details, Sim-Plex uses quaint and calm vocabulary as the basis to shape the unique cultural atmosphere of retired elderly living.

Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Encountering The Elderly Daily Habits To Represent The Mood Of Life
The elder couple has retired and lived in the old house for many years, but they often doubt that the original spatial planning is not suitable for the elderly. Therefore, Sim-Plex has discussed with the clients many times and has a deep understanding of the elderly living habits, some adjustments are made in the layout: In addition to the normal shoe cabinet configuration, the entrance door also has a seat for changing shoes when going out, which is convenient for the elderly with waist and feet disability. A glass screen is also added next to the seats to add privacy and aesthetics ; the five-feet master bed is placed in the centre of the bedroom, and it could be accessed on three sides for the elderly to easily enter and exit the bathroom. There is also a dressing table on the side of the bed for the hostess to makeup. The bathroom layout has been re-adjusted, and the toilet space is more spacious, the bathtub is also changed to a shower cubicle for easily access. A glass shower screen is also added, as well as protection and handrails for the elderly.

Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

From Elderly’s Viewpoint To Generate A New Social Prototype
The living space for the elderly has always been a core social problem in Hong Kong in recent years. The dormitory spaces of single-living apartments and elderly homes are very tiny, sometimes even about 3 m² per person, far below the standard of 6.5 m² required by law. Moreover, some of the environments are lack of humanised spatial quality and not taking care of the living habits of the elderly. Not only does it make wheelchairs difficult to get in and out, but it also makes the vulnerable elderly to injury, and even affects their mental health. In the design process, this project takes into account the point view of the silver-haired clients, communicated and listened to their living requirements, and then represent it on the layout and space.

Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Combination Of Chinese Nostalgic Details And Western Modern Atmosphere
The clients are very interested in traditional culture, but they don’t want to have a conservative and stereotyped image; so in terms of details, Sim-Plex uses the eastern vintage as the mood base , and then fits in the structure of western simplicity: the main facade of the living room is posted with an earth-colored wallpaper with a mountain landscape pattern; the floor is filled with the collision of wood and mud-colored floor tiles, the dark wood cabinets is featured by bronze rusted hand draws, showing an vintage atmosphere, at the details of the cabinet, simple western technique is integrated to form a new balance between Chinese and Western; the kitchen are chosen with nostalgic black and white grid Spanish floor tiles, and the countertop space is maximised for cooking utensils; the back wall of the master bedroom has a wallpaper with pink floral patterns,it also has a pale pink wall and a white wood cabinet.

Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

The elderly were working hard for society and their families for many years. After retirement, they need a comfortable and warm space for living. In our project “Silver Hair Silver Lining”, through the understanding and blending in the living habits and needs of the elderly, we hope the project will become a good spatial prototype of elderly residence.

Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio


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