Simple Offices in Portland / Hacker Architects

Simple Offices / Hacker Architects

Hacker Architects have designed the new offices of online banking company Simple, located in Portland, Oregon.

Designed around the idea of a “home” for Simple rather than a corporate office, the four-story space includes work environments to accommodate a variety of working styles – quiet rooms, war rooms, and secure offices – as well communal and private places for staff to gather.

Simple Offices 1 / Hacker Architects

Sunken living rooms with glulam beams used as benches create a central gathering space on each of the upper three floors. A prominent stair with clear glazing connects the four floors while allowing views into and out of the stairwell – providing for social connection as well as circulation. Movable fabric scrims divide the open office into smaller spaces and keep the space flexible.

Simple Offices 2 / Hacker Architects

A minimal material palette throughout emphasizes the building’s wood structure. Lighting, furniture, and rugs were selected to create an informal feel while also showing a sense of craft. Accordion doors in the large conference room and game room open onto a rooftop deck with views to the river and downtown.

Architects: Hacker Architects
Project: Simple Offices
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
Area: 60,000 sf
Photography: Christian Columbres

Simple Offices 3 / Hacker Architects

Simple Offices 4 / Hacker Architects

Simple Offices 5 / Hacker Architects

Simple Offices 6 / Hacker Architects

Simple Offices 7 / Hacker Architects

Simple Offices 9 / Hacker Architects

Simple Offices 10 / Hacker Architects

Simple Offices 11 / Hacker Architects

Hacker Architects

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