SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo / Studio MK27

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SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (1)

SP penthouse is a project recently completed by Sao Paulo-based Studio MK27.

Project description: The architectural interiors project for the penthouse SP Penthouse sought to attend to the demands of the program with the minimal division of space possible, shaping spatial continuity and amplitude for the apartment. Infinite circulations accentuate the fluidity between the spaces and configure functional pathways – of a clear understanding to the residents and their guests. Large corridors are also used here as galleries for the clients’ art collection and objects as well as pleasant architectural spaces, and not solely hallways.

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (15)

Furthermore, the fundamental premise was for the architecture to create a cozy and solemn atmosphere, where the fixed furniture of the room – designed especially for this place – would be in harmony with the classical design objects – such as the sofas and chairs. Among the selected pieces are original Brazilian, Scandinavian and Italian designs signed by Hugo França, Hans Wegner, Franco Albini, Gio Ponti among others.

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (2)

The internal surfaces were treated as continuous surfaces covered in Late terra wood panels and corten steel plaques. The floors, in turn, are of travertine marble in the collective areas and wood in the bedrooms. The colors of these materials, with ochre and beige tints, dialogue with the fabric, for example, the linen gauze curtains. The reddish tones, used also on the upholstery, ended up creating a warm feeling for the space. All the spaces received the same care in this project and tried to create surprises and emotions through a precise drawing, based on a careful architectural detailing.

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (3)

The living room layouts – with floor lighting, sofas and club chairs, as well as end tables – define pleasant spaces for social gatherings. The spaces are organized by large carpets – also in neutral colors that do not stand out too much from the floor and function as delicate markers for the activities. The lighting fixtures privileged indirect lights, such as recessed ceiling down-lights and abat-jours, complemented by some points in the ceiling next to the walls.

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (4)

The apartment is organized into 3 floors. On the first floor are the bedrooms. On the second floor there is the kitchen, a home office, dining room and living room. The last floor houses the library with different reading ambiances and a spa that has a covered pool, a winter garden and a gym.

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (5)

All of the spaces on the top floor have a double ceiling-height. Thus, the spa and library could be designed taking advantage of the spaciousness of the architecture in behalf of the program. Thus, the pool is positioned in continuity with a dense garden – even having small tress -, in this way creating a tropical atmosphere together with the minimalist place of bathing. The walls were made in slatted wood and the ceiling in a metallic weaved lining.

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (12)

The library has floor-to-ceiling wooden shelves suggesting that even the books can serve as future space lining. From this space as well, there is a spectacular view looking out on the city of São Paulo, framed by a window that interrupts the punctuated sequence of the modules of the bookstand. Via v2com 

Design: Studio MK27
Project: SP Penthouse
Project’s author and co-authors: Marcio Kogan, Diana Radomysler and Luciana Antunes
Team: Carlos Costa, Dimitre Gallego, Laura Guedes, Mariana Ruzante, Mariana Simas, Oswaldo Pessano
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Photographs: Jonas Bjerre Poulsen

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (11)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (14)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (10)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (13)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (1)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (2)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (9)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (6)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (7)

SP Penthouse in Sao Paulo Studio MK27 (8)

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