St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

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St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

Project: St Vincents Place Residence
Architects: B.E Architecture
Location: Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia
Project size: 855 m2 ( 3 levels )
Year 2017
Photographer: Derek Swalwell
Text and photos provided by B.E. Architecture

As a modern renaissance home, the St Vincents Place Residence is a new archetype developed through a reinterpretation of classical references with a modern sensibility. The client, as a patron, put his belief in architecture, artists and artisans to create a nourishing environment that goes beyond surface treatments by inscribing contemplative experiences into the physical form.

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

The new extension is a cultural bridge between historical significance and modern progress positioned behind a heritage façade. By embracing the consideration of time, the design response examines the pinnacles of architecture and design throughout history. It recreates original elements that extract and expand upon qualities of substance, inspired by those that are proven to span the test of time. Although the majority of the home is a new building, it is not immediately recognisable as such.

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

Details typical of older architecture were reworked in the front section of the original building. These details included curved cornices, arched doors, and custom steel fireplaces, none of which are typical in modern construction methodologies but feel at ease within the Victorian frontage. Integral to the details is an authentic demonstration of an exceptional level of craftsmanship, an appreciation of the capacity of mankind. Even the smallest of details, like the hand-stained dovetail joints along the timber skirting, are deserving of a moment’s reflection.

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

The modern counterpart in the rear extension uses in-situ concrete, terrazzo style stone floors, painted timber ceilings and bluestone walling to create a point of difference from the front. In a rejection of stark minimalism, the classical details are exchanged for rich textures continuing the hand-hewn character throughout the house.

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

The substantial art collection explores topics of philosophy, literature, religion, and even science, which lead the way to intellectual discourse. These overtures are written into the walls such as the three-storey light installation ‘Heaven is a Place Where Nothing Ever Happens by artist Nathan Coley, or the niche installation of the wax sculpture Romeu ‘My Deer’ by artist Berlinde De Bruyckere.

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

As carefully curated as the art collection, the interior for the house is an eclectic mix covering diverse cultural references across many eras. Many of the rooms are positioned around knowledge, encasing collections of books on expansive shelves and using them as a centrepiece within the custom coffee table in the living room.

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

A refined, casual aesthetic is created, incorporating unique vintage pieces sourced from Europe and Asia as a direct historical reference. The individual pieces add to the dialogue of the space, each with its own interesting story about where it comes from or how it was made. Many of the pieces are one-of-a-kind designs by B.E Architecture, commissioned expressly for this project, pushing the artisanal character of the architectural detailing into the furniture.

living room / B.E Architecture

Through combining history, art and culture, the St Vincents Place Residence is ultimately a place of rebirth. Whilst simultaneously reviving an exceptional period home, the residence cultivates a place of renewal that elevates its quality of life for the client.

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

What are the sustainability features?
St Vincents Place Residence is located in a row of Victorian houses, which creates isolation from heat and cooling along both sides. The two-storey veranda has an extended eave to the western façade. The building has increased performance wall, ceiling and floor insulation as well as in-slab heating. It uses five low voltage thermofans to minimise the occupant’s reliance on air-conditioning. Windows in the bedrooms use double glazing. Banks of solar vacuum tubes were installed on the roof to collect hot water. The water was then stored underground to reduce gas consumption to heat the pool and hydronic heating through the house. Rainwater was collected in large underground tanks for all onsite gardens. The three-storey house has a series of internal courtyards which create cross-ventilation, and the rooftop terraces create a chimney effect to draw the air from the home in summer naturally.

bedroom / B.E Architecture

Cladding – Bluestone from Granite Works, in-situ concrete, Flooring – American Oak from Kilburn Joinery, Torino Granite, Painted V-groove ceilings, Fallow granite bathrooms and pool, custom B.E Architecture designed curved granite tiles, basins, and bath by Eco Outdoor, Fireplace in black steel, green onyx, Carrara marble, natural hand-finished chestnut joinery

Design by B.E Architecture. Inlight downlights, Vintage Lumenform Lamp from 1970s, Muffin Lights

Tufty Time Sofa, Perspex box cluster coffee table custom design by B.E Architecture, St Luc Gaston Chair, Vintage Spanish Chair, Custom timber slab table design by B.E Architecture, Womb Chairs, Custom bedhead design by B.E Architecture, made by Arthur G, Custom Enkei Table designed by B.E Architecture, Hiroshima chairs, Saba New York Chairs, Custom Designed marble table by B.E Architecture, McGuire Chair

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

shower / B.E Architecture

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

pool / B.E Architecture

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

exterior stairs / B.E Architecture

St Vincents Place Residence / B.E Architecture

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