Taipei Apartment with Industrial and Vintage Style Design

Taipei apartment interior design based on industrial and vintage style

Project: Taipei Apartment
Interior Designer: Chi-Torch Interior Design
Location: ZHONGZHENG district, Taipei City, Taiwan
Surface: 181.0 m2
Year 2014
Photos Courtesy of Chi-Torch Interior Design

Taipei apartment has a surface of 181sqm and was designed by Chi-Torch Interior Design. The apartment is located in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan.

Description by CHI-TORCH: It is a case about 40 year-old vintage apartment. To respect its history, CHI-TORCH deliberately made conscious efforts to retain details of time manifestation and proudly displaying building materials that many try to conceal.

Rustic apartment in Taipei, Taiwan - interior design based on industrial and vintage style

The concept is blended with minimalism and industrial. CHI-TORCH specifically seeks out prefect mixture of sunshine and inner space by lowering window rails to maximize outside picturesque scene.

Living room design - apartment in Taipei, Taiwan

On the other hand, man-made and antique-chic look object is the result of CHI-TORCH’s idea whither it is a herringbone parquet flooring, naturally unfinished brick-works, lighting, gadget or furniture that are made from steel, metal or aged endemic woods of Taiwan preferably worn down or salvaged and recycled.

Taipei apartment - industrial and vintage style

To sum, CHI-TORCH passionately designed and selected pieces that are as much about function as style to add historic and modern co-existing spirits to the most thoughtfully designed home. CHI-TORCH believes that a touching space is bound to possess unique elements of stories pressing close to people’s hearts. It can be customized to accomplish story-telling feature and glamour with visual impacting.

Taiwan apartment by Chi-Torch interior design

Taiwan apartment by Chi-Torch

Bedroom design by Chi-Torch - interior design based on industrial and vintage style

interior design based on industrial and ristic style

Dinning room - Taipei apartment interior design based on industrial and vintage style

Taipei, Taiwan - apartment with interior design based on industrial style

Taipei apartment interior design based on industrial style, Taiwan

interior design based on rustic and vintage style

Apartment with interior design based on rustic style

Bathroom - interior design based on industrial and vintage style

Bathroom design by Chi-Torch, Taipei, Taiwan

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