Restaurant Interior DesignWanda Café Optimista by Spanish designer Parolio

Wanda Café Optimista by Spanish designer Parolio

Wanda Café Optimista by Spanish designer Parolio

Wanda Café Optimista is the latest project brought to life by Spanish designer Parolio. After Madrid was also affected by the years-long recession, Parolio desired that, through its design, the café should give vibes of color, joy, vitality and positive attitude. The point was that Wanda Café Optimista would give the sensation of “sun and fun”, just like a summer holiday. A casual and eclectic “Look & Feel” touch was developed using as inspiration tribal elements, combined with live and even neon colors.

Wanda Café in Madrid

To create the bar, the designer chose hard wood on which he made a tribal 3D print, made of wooden bars, some varnished and some in neon pink. The chairs are made of reed, with handmade brightly-colored fabric and custom-made pillows. An artistic touch to the café was given with the help of German illustrator Boris Schmitz, who made large, paper-cut illustrations on the wall, added to the fluorescent color blocks and photos. The name “Wanda” is a metaphorical name which symbolizes a summer love, and it evokes optimism, fun and romance. Photography: Juan Baraja

Wanda Café Optimista

About Parolio
Parolio is a Dominican-Spanish creative director, interior designer and event producer based in Madrid with more than 19 years of experience in the world of design. He has developed important projects in the areas of interior design, set design, event design, branding, naming and packaging.

Wanda Café Optimista by Parolio

Wanda Café Optimista - chandelier

Wanda Café by Spanish designer Parolio

Wanda Café

picture wall - Spanish designer Parolio

Tribal Interiors Wanda Café by Spanish designer Parolio

Interiors by Spanish designer Parolio

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