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All Small Apartment / Martin Architects

All Small Apartment by MARTIN Architects

Architects: MARTIN Architects
Project: All Small Apartment
Total area: 45 sq.m.
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Photography: Courtesy of MARTIN Architects

All Small Apartment is a cozy flat with an area of 45 square meters which is located in the center of Kiev. The project was launched in 2016 and was implemented in 2017.

The customers planned to use the apartments for renting, on the basis of that the following tasks were made: to create a functional, visually attractive and versatile interior that would appeal to people with different tastes and needs. All the forces were used to make it profitable – to beat a small area of the apartment. It was decided to avoid clear boundaries; and division into zones to create with the help of individual design details. Thus, it was possible to place all the necessary space for living – a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom, a shower room and storage spaces – without interfering with the overall layout of the housing.

All Small Apartment by MARTIN Architects 1

In order not to set clear boundaries even where they are needed – in the bedroom – this area was placed behind a glass partition where you can retire with the help of massive curtains. Large windows on the entire height of the wall plays a key role in the interior and fills the space with natural light and space.

All Small Apartment by MARTIN Architects 2

The overall color palette of the apartment is built on the contrast of natural shades: gray and black, coniferous and brown. Mostly natural materials were used In the interior: wooden flooring, wooden furniture and leather upholstery of the sofa to highlight the area of the kitchen, one of the walls was “ennobled” with brickwork.

All Small Apartment by MARTIN Architects 3

The design of housing is consistent in a single style of contemporary. The general composition of minimalist furniture with flowing lines is diluted with details that play the role of decor: paintings, elegant chandeliers and green plants. In a small and bright bathroom the shower cabin is compactly placed, but even this isolated space does not stand out from the general style of the apartment.

All Small Apartment by MARTIN Architects 4

All Small Apartment by MARTIN Architects 5

All Small Apartment by MARTIN Architects 6

All Small Apartment by MARTIN Architects 7

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