Attic Flat in Bratislava – Rhapsody in White by at26

Attic Flat in Bratislava

“Rhapsody in white” is a 92 sqm attic flat renovated by Slovakian studio at26. The flat is located at the top of block of flats dating back to 1920´s and it is situated close to the Center of the Capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.

Situated in an older neighbourhoods of Bratislava, formerly known as “Ziegelfeld“, the attic flat has an interesting historical context, being a mix of industrial and residential nature.

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Long before the beginning of the construction, the architects found a space in the attic of an apartment house, that was in a bad condition. For a long time, the attic had served as a pigeon’s nest and a place for drying clothes, which resulted in lowering the quality of space and construction. What followed was cleaning the space and analysing the condition of truss and bearing structures.

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Due to unsatisfying results, some of the original beams were replaced by new and together they form the new truss, which is essential part of the design. Upon the old joist, a new one was built which contained a layer of insulation. The whole roof is covered by steel sheeting with standing seams in the color of anthracite.

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With new roof standing, the authors had an Idea, that white color will be essential element in the whole apartment, visually enlarging its spaces. And at the top of it, white color will help unite different shapes of connected spaces throughout the interior. Also to improve the cubature of space, dormers were built in several rooms.

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The attic flat consists of an entry, a connected space of kitchen and living room, bathroom and corridor with technical area. There are also three bedrooms, which function can be changed over time to fulfill the everchanging requirements of the family.

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Stairs to the second floor, located in one of these rooms leads to the upper floor with inserted “Space module“ with high visual approach. This chill-out zone interacts visually with the living room through an opening in its wall. There is also a balcony oriented to the inside of the block.

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Adding a new lift was also a part of the attic reconstruction, which has noticably improved mobility of all the residents of the building. Design of the Attic on Česká street in Bratislava is trying to deliver the charm of an old Bratsilava quater with very simple and functional design and good sense for architectural values of surroundings and structure.

Architect: at26 Studio
Project: Attic Flat – Rhapsody in White
Team: Peter Kukucka, Branislav Loskot, Jaroslav Takac, Juraj Benko, Adam Kuzma
Location: Česká street, Bratislava, Slovakia
Area: 92sqm
Number of floors: 2
Photography – courtesy of at26

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Attic Flat in Bratislava 9

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