Retail DesignBeckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich

Designer: Dyer-Smith Frey
Project: Beckeria
Location: Zurich Europaallee, Switzerland
Area: 266 sqm
Year 2017
Photography: Patrick Armbruster

BECKERIA – the name symbolizes the concept: BECK – Swiss German for bakers – stands for good homemade bread, cakes and pastries. The Italian word GallERIA stands for generous versatility under one roof.
To meet the diversified culinary offer of Beckeria, Dyer-Smith Frey designed on 266 sqm various interior areas. Visually clearly separated areas, which fit to the respective food, occasion, daytime and last but not least to the mood of the guest.

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich 1

When entering, the customer is welcomed by a generous and bright designed sales counter made of matt grey fair-faced concrete with a working and presentation surface made of natural stone – the centrepiece of Beckeria.

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich 2

To the left of the sales counter the light cereal area offers a healthy breakfast, furnished with high tables and chairs made of natural oak. On the right, dark woods, upholstered seating benches and chairs highlight the coffeehouse and lounge area with it’s own Barista Bar.

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich 3

The black marble Grill Bar, with an attached bar counter made of anthracite-coloured concrete, forms the gastronomic bridge from lunch to dinner. The opposite high table with leather-covered bar stools is perfect for a quick lunch. A long dining table of light oak for 8 persons guarantees a convivial dinner in a warm and cosy atmosphere. An end-to-end solid wood herringbone parquet floor made of oiled light oak creatively pulls the Interior-Areas together.

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich 4

The continuous black-painted, industrial-looking ceiling contrasts with the fine materials and thus creates an interesting tension. Expanded metal room dividers and suspensions act as structuring elements above the working areas and create transparent boundaries for the individual interior areas. All the essential furniture, the tables, shelve elements, the room dividers and the lounge sofa are designs by Dyer – Smith Frey.

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich 5

Dyer – Smith Frey accomplished a harmonious conclusive and accessible interior to match the complex concept of the Beckeria.

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich 6

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich 7

Beckeria Designed by Dyer-Smith Frey, Zürich 8

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