BH Apartment by Modektura Studio

BH apartment by Modektura Studio

Project: BH apartment
Architecture: Modektura Studio
Team: Maksym Dietkovskyi
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 83 m2
Year: 2024
Photo Credits: Yevhenii Avramenko

Overcoming Challenges in a Wartime Context

The BH Apartment project began after the start of a large-scale invasion. Despite unforeseen challenges and frequent power disruptions in Ukraine during construction, our team successfully handled all tasks. The team’s resilience and dedication ensured the project’s continuation and success under difficult circumstances.

A Historical Gem in the Heart of Kyiv

The BH Apartment is located in the heart of Kyiv, on Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street, in a residential building from 1900. This building features classical architecture with high ceilings, setting the stage for a design that honors and revitalizes its historical roots.

Central Design Features: Corridor-Gallery, Loggia, and Balcony

The apartment’s distinctive features include a spacious corridor-gallery with windows and arches, a loggia, and a balcony. These elements formed the cornerstone of the project’s concept. The corridor acts as the central artery, integrating all areas into a cohesive space. Moreover, the enhanced arches exude sophistication through decorative molding and an inner wooden frame. The loggia was insulated and integrated into the kitchen, where a conservatory for plants was thoughtfully placed.

Addressing Structural Challenges

During the project analysis phase, we identified numerous visual distractions, such as wall niches, variations in floor height, and exposed utilities. Consequently, during demolition, we refurbished the flooring and reinforced windows and openings with a metal frame. As a result, this structural overhaul provided a solid foundation for the design elements.

Harmonizing Classical and Mid-Century Elements

After extensive consultations with the client, we decided to blend classical elements with mid-century design pieces from the 1930s to the 1970s. Vintage Cassina chairs, Louis Poulsen, Flos, and Vibia lighting fixtures, along with furniture from Porro and B&B Italia, evoke a nostalgic retro atmosphere. Thus, this blend of styles creates a unique and timeless aesthetic.

Material Selection: Stability and Tranquility

To cultivate a sense of stability and tranquility, we selected materials like toned oak, marble, stainless steel, and brass. Additionally, we incorporated sand into the terrazzo flooring and embedded marble chips within mineral plaster on the walls. Consequently, these choices enhance texture, visual appeal, and durability.

Integrating Art into the Design

The apartment’s design interacts seamlessly with various forms of art. Sculptures by Dmytro Hrek, a diptych by Rostyslav Zavhorodniy, and paintings by Kristina Otchych-Cherniak complement the interior, enriching its aesthetic depth. This integration of art makes the living space a gallery of personal expression and cultural appreciation.

Conclusion: Triumph in Design

Despite the wartime challenges, the BH Apartment project succeeded, underscoring the timeless relevance of design and creativity. The careful balance of historical respect and modern innovation transformed this classical apartment into a harmonious blend of past and present, thus serving as a testament to the power of resilient creativity.

living room

living room

living room

BH apartment by Modektura Studio

entrance, Maksym Dietkovskyi

kitchen, Maksym Dietkovskyi

dining room, Maksym Dietkovskyi

kitchen, Maksym Dietkovskyi

BH apartment by Modektura Studio

bedroom, Maksym Dietkovskyi


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