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Bu.Co Restaurant

The new restaurant called Bu.Co (an acronym of Burger&Cocktail) opened in September 2016 in the largest shopping centre of the Alpe Adria region (Città Fiera di Martignacco – Udine – Italy), as a project entirely conceived by Visual Display, the Italian creative agency specialised in retail design and brand building.

The idea behind BU.CO restaurant was born from the professional experience of the founders, three entrepreneurs with solid experience rooted in the world of fine dining and bar-tending who wanted to imbue this restaurant not only with their own skills but also with their personal passion for the art of the cocktail and American music, fine food and a great love for the world of Harley Davidson.

Bu.Co Restaurant 2The design project, coordinated by the architects Giulia Minozzi and Rune Ricciardelli of Visual Display, began with the ideation of the name and the creative concept of the restaurant, to then grow into a well-developed study of the interior design and its brand identity (from the logotype and sign system, to the in-store visual communication up to the web site), including the furnishing and decoration of over 450 square meters between the interior and exterior.

Bu.Co Restaurant 2The main point of reference, starting with the menu that combines traditional American dishes with a wide list of cocktails, is of course the American bar:
“The wide wooden counter, produced by local artisans with an imposing bottle rack, is the focal point around which the life of the restaurant rotates, with a retro atmosphere created by soft lighting coming from lamps and the vintage stools”, the architects explain, “There is no lack of suggestive furnishings, both from Anglo-Saxon pub tradition with wooden furnishings and padded chairs with dark green tones in leather, and from the industrial world with flooring produced in various materials and walls that preserve the traces of a past life – in the 1900s these areas were the warehouses of the city”.

Bu.Co Restaurant 3Ceiling in cement with visible ducts, large windows, refurbished furnishings, original photos and objects regarding music and motorcycles, a stage for live performances and soft lighting give the environment an immediately recognisable and relaxed style. Every corner of Bu.Co has been planned down to the smallest details, creating different situations of seating and style, in which customers can feel at ease according to their desires, from families with children to groups of friends, from those who want to drink a great beer or eat something after a walk around the shopping centre.”

Bu.Co Restaurant 4With an interior space of about 300 square metres and a covered outdoor terrace of 170 square metres, Bu.Co is the first and only activity inside the “Città Fiera shopping centre” to have its own external and independent entrance.

Bu.Co Restaurant 5Bu.Co’s menu celebrates classic American food and BBQ (Barbecue) cooking with a touch of Italy and local products, a prestigious and wide range of cocktails in addition to a great selection of beers. Having its own independent access, the restaurant is open every day from 12pm to 1am, and open to 2am on Friday and Saturday.

Interior Design: Visual Display
Project: Bu.Co burger & cocktail
Location: Udine, Italy
Photography: Matteo Favi Immagini

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