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Budget Friendly House Completed in Just 3 Months

Budget Friendly House

Project: Budget Friendly House – Casinha
Architects: Daher Jardim Arquitetura
Lead Architect: Gabriel Daher Jardim
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Area 645.8 ft2
Project Year 2019
Photographs: Haruo Mikami, Larissa Sad

The project was based on an existing edicule located near one of the lateral boundaries of the site. The initial program contained only one bedroom, a bathroom and a warehouse that totaled 24sqm, this was expanded adding kitchen, service area and living room and turned into a 60sqm house.

Budget Friendly House Completed in Just 3 Months

The work had a restricted budget and a short time to execute, which directed the materials and the constructive method to be adopted. The construction lasted less than 3 months and cost less than $ 150 /sqm.

interior design, Casinha house / Jardim Arquitetura

The white color was adopted because it makes the house more discreet and also helps to reflect the heat of the sun, making the place more pleasant.

Budget Friendly House Completed in Just 3 Months

The sliding panels in metal frame and closing in compensating raw serve to hide the appliances and organize the space while giving privacy to the intimate area of the house.

kitchen, Casinha house / Jardim Arquitetura

The thermo acoustic tile was an economical solution that provides comfort to the residents, besides, being very light, it allows the structure of the house to be very delicate and simple. The white envelope creates an environment for artwork to be exposed.

interior design, Casinha house / Jardim Arquitetura

A molded concrete bench in loco is used for food preparation and also as a dining table, the window creates a framed view of the garden. This budget friendly house opens up creating a generous relationship with the garden and also enabling good ventilation and natural light.

Budget Friendly House Completed in Just 3 Months


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