Collection №Art of Home

Collection №Art of Home

Project: Collection №Art of Home
Author: Serhii Makhno
Photos: Maria Pravosud
Producer: Tetiana Vakula, Mariia Fedko, Yana Riabtsun
Art direction: Serhii Makhno, Lesya Ley, Tetiana Vakula, Mariia Fedko, Sandra Strumkas
Text: Lina Kulyk
Models: Anna Kulik, Anastasia Gomon (Faces Agency)
Makeup artist: Kateryna Novotarska
Visual design: Sandra Strumkas

Collection №Art of home is the collection of designer home items by Makhno Product, created in 2021. All the objects are handmade in Serhii Makhno’s ceramic workshop. The main materials are ceramics and copper. The main inspirations are Tryppillian culture, Ukrainian nature, and near and dear home.

“Unbeknownst to us, we have been working on this collection for several years. We have been sculpting, burning, glazing, sculpting again. At some point, it became clear what we were doing and why. All the things born in our workshop are things that make the house near and dear. That is why this collection has emerged. There are lamps, vases, three-meter tall sculptures, and ceramic armchair-table. It seems like these things are too different from each other to be together. However, this collection is like home — it is a shelter for those who are different and yet they are one family,” says Serhii Makhno, the founder and inspirational figure of Makhno studio.

Collection №Art of Home

Come on in, dear.
Make yourself at home.

Leave your shoes at the door to better hear the floor crackling under your feet. Here you can wash your hands, and here are the towels. The roast will be ready in a few minutes, and the apple pie is browning in the oven. Let’s have some bread kvas and see the house — that’s the reason we’re here.

Yes, we made all the things in the house ourselves: lamps, vases, and decorative sculptures. The house loves them — accepts them as significant ones, becomes cozy and bright right away. You feel it too, don’t you? It seems like all these things make our home our home. Here they are, let us introduce them to you.

Vulyk | Hive lamp
Can you hear it? Soon bees will be buzzing here, and the air will be viscous like honey. It’s all because of our ceramic Vulyk lamps. Their shape is fragile due to their soft curves and tiny ears. The Vulyk’s light pours evenly but due to the adaptive suspensions, it can be directed anywhere you want — to the desk in the office, to the sink in the bathroom, or to  the terrace.

Vulyk - Hive lamp, Collection №Art of Home

Dido Vit-Vit
Here, Dido Vit-Vit is very young, he’s an adult now — three meters in height. He collects birds that fly by to sing his favorite Ukrainian song with:

Oh, in the cherry orchard
There the nightingale chirped:
Vit-viit, thou-thou,
Ah-ah, oh-oh.

Dido Vit-Vit, Collection №Art of Home

Makivka | Poppyhead lamp
Makivka lamp was inspired by a poppyhead holding seeds.

Ukrainians believe in the supernatural properties of the poppy and have always kept it at home as a reliable means of combating evil spirits. The poppy symbolises the infinity of the stellar world, dream, fertility, and maiden beauty. It is mentioned in legends, riddles, rituals, and songs. We decided to keep the folklore path by creating the Makivka lamp in ceramics and copper. And each one is a bundle of joy.

Makivka - Poppyhead lamp

Makivka - Poppyhead lamp

Brunka | Bud lamp
At the top of the stem, there’s a ceramic Brunka lamp. In nature, a bud means the beginning — it is patiently waiting for the right time to burst with bloom. Our Brunka lamp can burst with light anytime. The glow of this lamp pierces the ceramic surface to scatter light streams around and announce the beginning of the spring.

Brunka - Bud lamp

Brunka - Bud lamp, Collection №Art of Home

Pranyk | Washing paddle lamp
Ceramic lamp Pranyk is a memory of old Ukrainian laundering culture. In everyday household use, pranyk was a wooden roll with a ribbed surface for hammering the wet clothes and linens against the washboard to push the dirt away.

Pranyk | Washing paddle lamp

Except for having the same ribbed surface, our Pranyk lamp also shines. Shines and keeps the memories of old times. Shines and wonders what’s going to happen in the future.

Pranyk - Washing paddle lamp

Kvitka | Flower lamp
In the workshop, we grow ceramic and copper flowers and then plant them on the ceiling of your homes. The Kvitka lamp impresses with its volume and the amount of warm yellow light that pours out of it like pollen. Each lamp has its bundle of shades and textures that can never be repeated — two lamps may turn out similar, but never identical.

Kvitka | Flower lamp

Kvitka | Flower lamp

Kvitka - Flower lamp, Collection №Art of Home

Dido Chub | Dido Forelock
There is Dido Chub in blue, and there is Dido Chub in black. Both are loyal home guards. There is a legend that they grew up in the days of the Cossacks and dreamed of growing a really long oseledets (Ukrainian cossack style of haircut featuring a long lock of hair on the otherwise completely shaved head), but only a short curly forelock appeared. Despite this, Dido managed to come in handy — they helped to manage the houses, take care of the babies and teach them kindness and love. So they became talismans of homes that keep taking care of family comfort.

Dido Chub, Collection №Art of Home

Dido Forelock, Collection №Art of Home

Natsume stump chair
Universal ceramic armchair-table, bench-chair, cabinet-tabouret. We call it affectionately — Natsume stump. “Stump” is because it looks like that wooden log on which we rest in the forest near the house. And “Natsume” is because it resembles a traditional accessory in the Japanese tea ceremony — a box for storing matcha. We respect Japanese culture and believe that our souls are related — we are just as dependent on the home details, little daily rituals, and traditions that are sewn into our DNA.

Natsume stump chair, Collection №Art of Home

Shypit vase
Shypit ceramic vase is named after the Carpathian waterfall that overflows the northern slopes of the Borzhava Mountain. The shape of the vase repeats the rocky curves of the waterfall carved by the rapid waters of the Carpathians. The soft plastic irregularities of the Shypit vase are a reminder that beauty is not equal to perfection, because beauty is eternal and perfection is temporary. And home needs things that never stop.

Shypit vase, Collection №Art of Home

Duma | Thought sculpture
Duma sculpture remains calm despite everything. Its meditative state is reflected on its face — big closed eyes, relaxed eyebrows, even invisible breathing of the whole ceramic body. The sculpture reaches three meters in height, showing how the mind takes possession of the body, lifts it, and raises it above all earthly things.

And no matter what happens, the thought of home will warm and soothe you. Despite the fire and water. Despite all.

Duma sculpture, Collection №Art of Home

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