Product DesignRollware by Piet Zwart Institute Students

Rollware by Piet Zwart Institute Students

Rollwareby Piet Zwart Institute students (1)

Rollware is a set of rolling pins decorated with customized and unique designs. These tools are very useful in the kitchen for shaping dough. In addition to the role they have in the preparation of the classic bakery and pastry  products, the Rollware rolling pins can be used inclusively in the preparation of various edible “plates”.

It is very simple to use and handy: with the first rolling pin you roll the dough then with the second one you create the model and with the third one you can give the desired shape. Using edible plates, various dishes can be put up. Rollware set has four floral patterns and four different sizes wherewith you can cut the dough. These models are designed to fit the style and manner of assembling of certain dishes. Due to the varying pressure applied to the dough, each result is unique.

Rollware-by Piet Zwart Institute students (2)

I think these rolling pins are very useful for who knows to use them in the kitchen and they can cause an unique experience when you serve a meal. The project of Rollware  rolls was conducted by Joanna Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza and Povilas Raskevicius, students at Piet Zwart Institute  – Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University. Rollware has participated at the larger project “Wood Mood” by Davide Fabio Colaci, that awards ten design projects having as theme, wood.

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Rollwareby Piet Zwart Institute students (7)

Rollware by Piet Zwart Institute students

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