CVU Apartment / Flipê Arquitetura

CVU Apartment / Flipê Arquitetura
CVU Apartment

Project: CVU Apartment
Architecture: Flipê Arquitetura
Lead Architects: Gabriela Mestriner, Natalia Minas
Location: Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, Brazil
Area: 75 m²
Year: 2020
Photo credits: Carolina Lacaz

Architecture that seeks change in space. Seeking to change a past that defines form and functions into a future of possibilities. Major renovation and interventions, a building with an original plan, with many sectors and a new demand for complete renovation and total transformation.

The young client sought to integrate the entire plant and optimize her space as much as possible, so many interventions were made on the original plant, which changed completely. Service room turned into toilet. Kitchen and laundry area have been integrated and transformed into a single space integrated with living and dining room.

CVU Apartment / Flipê Arquitetura


The new plant and shape are a universe of possibility, allowing users to empower themselves and take ownership of the whole, as it is and how it can become. Bringing an architecture that does not define the space and delimits it, but that can be modified by use and that meets the demands of a world and a modern Being in constant change. The pre existing elements were incorporated as main design elements.

The structural beam that permeates the room governs the alignment of the slatted panel, in addition to the lighting that was installed on the side of the structure, appropriating it and generating new meanings for an aesthetically challenging element in the environment. Also due to this original structure, the panels, which emerged as a solution for the entrance wall, mimic the main hall door and service door on the same wall.

CVU Apartment / Flipê Arquitetura

The client’s personality asks for clear and clean elements, which determines the predominance of white and gray in a delicate way in the social environment, but which is interrupted by points of unpredictability and warmth.

The wooden floor becomes a ‘box’ in the home theater, with wall covering and lining, creating a cozy and intimate space, which contrasts and enhances the neutral and clear base. As another point of unpredictability, we have the unique and surprising toilet. Hand painted by artist Jessica Diskin and with indirect lighting that comes from a pink Neon.

living area

CVU Apartment / Flipê Arquitetura

living room

CVU Apartment / Flipê Arquitetura

bedroom, Flipê Arquitetura

bathroom, Flipê Arquitetura bathroom, Flipê Arquitetura

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